Music Review //
Vivek Mehmi
"Fulfill You"

As soon as "Fulfill You" starts there are heavy electronics which remain on the song the entire time.  It isn't just this typical sounding loop though as there is something more metallic about the way this sounds- as if it is heavier on the cymbal/triangle/etc type of percussion.   In some ways it can also just feel like a pinball machine sound clanking around back there.

Vivek Mehmi opens up the sound with record scratches and that unique voice makes me feel like this is on the retro side.   There might be a better modern comparison for this sound which I am unaware of, but in a 1990's way this reminds me of a song that's somewhere between Color Me Badd and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.   It just has those same vibes and energy somehow.  

Throughout the lyrics there is the chorus of "I will fulfill you" and the idea that you will also fulfill me.  I find this to be so important not just in the sense of a relationship between two people but between someone and whatever they're doing in life.  If you're not getting something out of music but also not leaving it better than when you found it then what are you really doing?  This song just makes me think.

Just when you think you have it figured out, Vivek Mehmi switches to a spoken word bridge which leads to a guitar solo.   This just adds to my idea that this is more of a 1990's song, such as PM Dawn, than something modern, but however you hear this sound for yourself you should be listening because the message is timeless.  


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