Music Review //
"Heartbreak Season"

If you've been paying attention to the music of HAPPIE (which you should be) then the first two songs on this EP- the titular track and "All I Needed"- should come to you as singles which you are already familiar with hearing.    The way that these two singles kickoff the EP though make it like getting into the water where it's just easier because it feels more comfortable and you're not scared or being thrown it, but it just feels more natural and makes the rest of the EP that much easier to get into.

One of the biggest factors about this EP is that it has soul.   Every song you can just feel pieces of HAPPIE pouring out onto paper and it just is appreciated that an artist would put that much of themselves into music still.  "Hallejujah" has this chill way about it and in some ways the music reminds me of Meghan Trainor, but if you don't like Meghan Trainor don't worry this isn't enough of her to put you off of these sounds.  I think the music of Meghan Trainor can become repetitive, but HAPPIE doesn't have that problem.

"Goodbye" is a very slow, very sad song with these delicate string plucks.  It's quieter- the ballad of the EP- and it's just a painful song.  It's about leaving, hence the title, and it's sad but also something more.   But it's also something where the song just sets the mood and you're not going to put this one on in the club because you're going to feel it every time.  You're going to let this one play through the EP when you're also in your feelings and, really, the songs leading up to this help encourage that.

On the final song, "So Clean", there is a line that goes: "We all got scars / And mine are yours to see".  In a general sense, it is not okay to walk up to someone no matter your relation to them and ask them about their scars.  But thinking about this in the sense that it's more reflective of HAPPIE being a musician and the songs are revealing.  So it's not something you really have to ask about because it's there and we should all just share in it together.  


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