Cassette Review //
"True North Coast"

"True North Coast" begins with upbeat guitars which find their way between math rock and post rock.  It's instrumental, but the guitars really sing and you can hear the differences between the chorus and verses of the song.   It even seems to go into a break down at one point where the drumming can be heard more than anything else.  

As water can be heard- such as at the ocean- these serious guitar notes come in like a Gin Blossoms or Toad the Wet Sprocket song.   This song feels dreamy but there is also just such a strong drive to it.   With the guitar chords in rhythm, the next song really picks up as well and feels like a bright and sunny day.

On the flip side we open up with drums and then electronics before the guitars kick in with such a somber tone.   This feels like such a serious song.   This has a strong spatial quality as well and it just rings.   Each note just pierces through like it has its own story to tell.   The percussion comes through faster now and this next song feels like it could be at the beach.  

It sounds as if the waves are coming in now as the guitars also paint the picture of just being in the sun on an island somewhere.    Even though there is a very strong post rock vibe to this cassette, I do enjoy that it also feels like it's on the beach.  Not like the Beach Boys, but in its own way, I just feels like these songs are under palm trees in a bright, cloudless sky.


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