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lyle kam

The song "Tokyo" is about being in a spot in a relationship where you need some clarity.  This is apparent because Lyle Kam sings about talking it out on the phone and if that can't be done then flying to Tokyo because that's where you are.   This will most likely be interpreted as one person in a relationship with another, but I love Tokyo (and Japan) to the point where this song, for me, would be about going to Tokyo for a different reason.

I'd go to Tokyo for the sushi, the Kaiju, the wrestling, the anime and manga, the culture in general.  So while someone might hear this song and think of a significant other, I always think of going to Tokyo because that's where *you* are and the *you* is Kota Ibushi.   But I might be the only one to hear it that way, as that shouldn't be your typical thoughts about the song. 

The music video just seems to follow Lyle Kam around outside and it just gives off that vibe that he is in distress.  It's the idea that something has happened between two people and you either need to call them or go to them, but as you're waiting for that to happen you're in some sort of weird limbo where you don't know.   And I think the music video shows that state of emotion through its visuals.

Musically, this song reminds me of some combination between a radio pop star such as Justin Bieber and something more radio friendly but not on such a broad scale such as Hellogoodbye.   I do enjoy the music of Justin Bieber but if you feel like he's too pop or mainstream and want something that's closer to Hellogoodbye or even synthpop then this is the perfect type of song for you because it's just that beautiful melody.


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