Music Review //
Noah Derksen
"F You and F Your Friends Too"

This music video really sets the tone for the song and it really makes me miss how we could find out about new music via MTV where a song like "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden just had layers by hearing it with the video.   The story starts with the main character being broken up with, a tale as old as time, and then this character goes to prom where Noah Derksen is performing this song.

The song itself (and the video) is a story of revenge as the main character seems sad but then eventually goes to the other person's house, cuts their powers and uses lights in the grass to spell out "Fuck You".  Once this happens, everything seems better and we're back at the prom, dancing along and having fun with the music.

Sometimes you need that release or some event to happen to get you over that breakup and from that one point in your life to the next.  What I like about this song by Noah Derksen as well is that it has this very low key, soft, chill rock sound to it.  In ways it reminds me of Tom Petty such as that "Last Dance with Mary Jane" but a bit more mellow.  

To hear the music when the chorus kicks in and the title is sung might take you off guard at first.   In some ways, it feels like lyrically this could be a death metal song.   The message it portrays feels like something which should be conveyed through much harsher music.  But to do it in such a calm manner just feels even more rewarding with the idea of revenge on your mind.