Music Review //
Selfish Bodies
"Bambi Legs"

Selfish Bodies start this song off with big synths and in such a big way.   It is neither really fast nor slow paced, it just exists and could be in the genre of shoegaze, synthwave, synthgaze or some combination of those ideas.   There are definitely also elements of pop within here that make me think of artists such as Taylor Swift but combined with Metric.

The lyrics are such a lovely play on words, as it opens with "What are you doing in my neck of he woods?" and, you know, deer live in the woods.    The song then goes on to reference the title and walking down the street but also "Maybe I'm not cut out for this life", which makes it seem like the artist is torn between living in the city or the country.  It's that idea of wanting to be in the city but your heart is in the country.

There are big symphonic feels in here as well, during the chorus.   The idea of "I will die on this hill / Yes I will / You can make me a concrete headstone" combined with the city being compared to a concrete jungle previously just goes to show how the city can be thought of as death- as not really living- and the country is more of this person's speed.

Powerful lines: "You think I'm happiest when I'm left alone / But maybe my mind's just not working right" make you really think about not only the direction of this song but life in general.   With all of the struggles in the lyrics, it comes down to "I hope we get there one day" and that shows the theme of the song is trying.  If you want something badly enough, you should never stop trying. 


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