Music Review //

This song "accidents" feels more like a mini-album (even at ~4 minutes long) as it can change styles and ideas though remain in the same electronic jungle.  When it first starts off I hear this synth and it's somewhat deep, almost like it's going industrial or rock, so that makes me think of an artist like Stabbing Westward.

The pace picks up though and it becomes lighter than what that would feel like if it had continued in that sort of rock way.  At one point the word "red" is repeated several times and that just makes me think of UB40, possibly because they had that song with that word in the title.  It's an odd reference to make, but I heard it and it's something I rarely hear.

As the song goes on, there is a line "Sometimes we just have to pretend" and at this point I'm reminded of a rock band that uses electronics, specifically someone such as Linkin Park.   This song always seems to be right on the verge of that rock sound, but it doesn't really seem to use guitars and instead just stays with the synths and beats, and other tones, which keep it in that electronica genre.

Somehow by the end of it all there is a distinct sound of a film from the 1980's.   It's that "Breakfast Club" or "Weird Science" type of vibe, which when you have these types of electronics can go that way rather easily.  It doesn't fully sound like that- as I feel that sound is somewhat exaggerated and rx1f is not- but it's enough to make it feel like the song ends with Judd Nelson jumping in the air in a freeze frame.


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