Music Review //
Patty & The Oh's
"Useless Love"

The song "Useless Love" has a pop rock quality to it where it feels like something from the Buddy Holly era of music but also that older Mr T Experience sound as well.  It's the type of song you would hear in the movie "That Thing You Do!" as it is both pop and catchy.  

What "Useless Love" is exactly can be somewhat left up to the listener to decide through the lyrics, but it appears to be something you don't want (because it's useless).  There are questions in the lyrics of: "What comes back around and what comes to an end?" and that helps to bring some clues to what it all means.

"Useless Love" seems like it can be love that isn't felt by both people- so therefore it's somewhat useless to put all this energy and love into someone who isn't giving it back- but it also just feels like what happens to love when you stop feeling it.  When the party is over and you don't love the other person anymore, that's when it's time to not "drag it out any more than you have to", as the song says.

This really feels like the type of song that someone needs to hear when they're holding onto something that isn't there- when you're trying to get over a relationship.   If you love someone that's one thing but it's not always good for you if they don't love you back, so the idea of this song seems to be that if you're in that situation you need to move on- you deserve to move on- and find someone who will love you back.


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