Music Review //
Pat Donnelly
"Stay Right Here"

Pat Donnelly begins "Stay Right Here" with a somewhat punk rock sound, which makes me think of bands like Green Day and Blink 182- in a radio way.   There is a certain fuzz about this song though, which also comes out to make it feel less like punk as well and closer to that grunge feel of the late 1990's, which at times felt like a cross between grunge and punk.

This feels more like a flashback to the late 1990's when Stacy's Mom had it going on.  Times when the Goo Goo Dolls had this fast paced rock style that almost hit on punk, which you can find on their albums prior to their big radio singles.  There is also just a bit of Matthew Sweet in here for good measure and it just fits this era so perfectly.

With the melodies, this also makes me think a bit about a band which came after all of those, someone such as No Motiv.   It has a fairly straight forward way about it and if it was on a soundtrack it could either be on one of those DGC Rarities types of deals (or No Alternative) or even the "Angus" soundtracks.

Back at this point in the 1990's I had moved from cassettes onto compact discs mainly because society had as well.  When I heard a song on the radio that I really liked, I'd go out to my local big chain record store and buy the full CD worth of that music.  A band like Ammonia, who I still find to be underrated, comes to mind and if I had heard this song on the radio around 1996 or 1997, I would definitely be buying the full CD by Pat Donnelly.


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