Cassette Review //
Nervous Tick and The Zipper Lips & Eyes and Flys
"The Covid Collaborations: vol. IV"

On this fourth volume of the Covid Collaborations, Nervous Tick and The Zipper Lips join forces with Eyes and Flys.   The first song on here is by Nervous Tick nd The Zipper Lips together, while the two artists also come together on the second song which happens to be a cover of an Eyes and Flys song.  (Which is also the last song on the Eyes and Flys "Manic AM" cassette.   The third song has all three artists together and this song also has these alarm sounds in it.

Eyes and Flys have their own song on four- "Drive Slow"- and it feels rather dreamy.  "Wake Up Grumbling" is a Nervous Tick cover by Eyes and Flys and there is a very acoustic way about it.  Eyes and Flys team up with Nervous Tick on the final song- "I Believe in Science Fiction"- which seems to get shared around a lot.

If you're following these artists individually (and you should be) then this would be a lot of fun for you to hear the covers and the different sounds coming together.  But even if none of this makes sense to you, there are still some great raw, rock songs on this cassette that should get you out of your seat and moving.  


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