Music Review //
Eva Schubert
"The Feel of Your Love"

The sound of Eva Schubert is one of a rather regal singer, such as on the grandest stage of all.  At times I think this song sounds like it could be on the soundtrack to a film such as James Bond, but then at other times I just feel like it is too classy for something like that.   This doesn't even feel like the type of song where you'd hear someone singing it in a run down club, looking for their big break because it seems like it skips right to the big break part.

There was a time that existed before me even where singers had these songs that were slow and beautiful such as "The Feel of Your Love".  From the perspective of a man, you might have a singer such as Frank Sinatra.  It's just that line between Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day, but it is from a time when performers wore their Sunday best on stage and it really not only made it feel more serious but also just classy.

Through this lyric video there are images of someone in red dress and flowers.  This reminds me of art in the largest scale of painting and I just think that is a perfect comparison here as well.  Some of the more digital music can be related with NFTs while some graphic art could be pop music.  But the sound of Eva Schubert is like an old, valuable- priceless really- painting.  The type they put behind glass to protect and preserve.

One thing I've always loved about music is you have to imagine maybe a hundred years or more into the future someone hears this song and thinks "That's from somewhere between the 1930's and 1950's".  Just that idea of not only being a classic in the modern sense but in the way that this song feels just timeless is really speaking volumes about it.  


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