Music Review //
Son Cesano

"Emerge" begins with a nice guitar-driven sound.    This becomes an almost post rock sound now, as it can be a bit dreamy, but it also just picks up that speed and maintains a faster pace than I'm used to with post rock.   This takes us into a bit more pop of a song, as it feels lighter, and has more intricate guitar work within it as well.  This is a full band playing in an instrumental way.

The third song comes in blissed out with what sounds like rain behind it.  The bass is light and just makes you feel like you're floating.   There are many sounds this could go off into but it just feels like The Cure mixed with a jam band.   As we dive into "Ruskial" it has all the makings of a math rock song- somewhere between The Cancer Conspiracy and The Dismemberment Plan.  It feels like we're drifting out, wavy, like Oasis but then it turns into a sitcom theme.

There is a big build and huge, distorted chords drop in "Ruskial".   "Pos. T" comes in heavy and gets even bigger with the percussion.  Even the riffs make it feel a little like metal.    "Akt" starts off reminding me of Tool but ends up somewhere else, somewhere deeper but with more of a slide.  The guitar notes ring in and there is just this groove to it I can't quite put my finger on but the guitar is also singing.

As the notes drop off with the bass in the final song there is something almost grunge about it, but also very serious and somber.  It feels like we're getting into the modern tale of sixshooter, a sort of more modern rock version of Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive".   The notes feel so isolated, but then it just drops in so heavy and loud.  This whole feels that way- like a symphony but with such mayhem.