Cassette Review //
German Army
"Endless Suburb"
(Industrial Complexx)

This cassette begins with hollow beats and static which makes it feel haunted.  It's a slow loop, kind of like it's creeping up on you, and at times sounds come through which can feel like screams.   It has this overall feeling of a slow, industrial song with echoes.   As we enter the second song, the percussion comes through in a way which can somewhat make it feel like we're falling down a flight of stairs but the static also just slips in there to give it a shocking sense of wonder.   More like a bugzapper tone comes through on the third song, which also has these video game tone type beeps.

We enter synth tones now which start off like a song from "Trainspotting" but quickly shift into a dance number.   Bass slowly creeps into the next song with all that heavy breathing and other things like the fog you can't hear but definitely feel like is surrounding this song out in the woods somewhere.   Keys come ringing through now like magic, as if it is our only way out of this potential doom.    Slowed vocals come through with that deep bass as the pace picks up and it feels like we're running in slow motion.

Those laser synths slowly come cutting through now, almost in a drone way but just sharp enough to pierce your soul.   This drifts off into a bit of a haunted sound as well, which makes it feel like we're going into The X-Files.   Those magical tones come back at the end again, with the wind behind them this time.  

As we open up the flip side, it first begins like beats from hip hop but then it turns into this sound of thunder as well as tribal.   This turns into a song with upbeat beats but vocals which sound more mellow and somewhat like grunge.   It's somewhat Folk Implosion, but also just like what might happen if Chris Cornell was self-recording like Daniel Johnston.    This just feels dark and trippy.   Video game bliss comes through now, as guitar chords ripple through time and space.    Beats come in and the static makes it feel like a storm.

A quieter sound of hip hop now, but it also just feels like it's raining.   This changes it up into beats with some static and they pulsate as well, which just feels like a storm still but a different kind now.   The beats grow faster and feel more upbeat.   This reminds me of a train at first, but then there is this guitar solo coming through with it all which feels a bit like surf.   Tones ring through like magic now and it's all very spatial, very peaceful.   


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