Music Review //
Dave Gunning
"Middle Ground"

Dave Gunning has created a song here that is really mellow and borderline country.  With the guitars and acoustics it can feel like an Americana sound as well, something along the lines of Neil Young.  Terra Spencer comes in with the accompanying vocals in the chorus as well and you can just feel those winding guitars.

"Can we pull ourselves together across the divide" is a question asked within this song and it somewhat sums up the lyrics.   When you two sides who both think that they are right it isn't always easy to just pick one of the sides.  So, you have to compromise and take a little from each side so nobody really wins but nobody really loses.

And this is how Dave Gunning wants you to find the "Middle Ground".  This feels like something that is important in a relationship between two people but also it works on such a broader level because it could be between you and your employer or governments, business, etc.  Everyone just feels so hard-headed and this is that way to potentially bring peace.

There are different ways to try and find that peace.  But thinking about this song as an opening to talk about that possibility at least is a good start.  And the song itself is just so not too loud and not too soft that is has that perfect middle ground of music to also hopefully bring larger issues into light and find resolution.  


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