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KT Laine

A cool air surrounds the song "Again" as it has this rock sound somewhere between that of the 1970's and modern garage rock.   When you think about the old school rock bands that maybe weren't as popular then as they are now, which can sometimes be psychedelic as well, and combine them with that modern rock sound of Slothrust or Courtney Barnett then you'll have an idea of how this KT Laine song sounds.

It's funny because it has this very solemn "the party is over" vibe to it, though you can still kind of dance and move with it, which makes it feel like you could put it on a playlist for a party.  I note this as well because this music video involves a party where guests arrive, dance, eat cake and sometimes fight.    The way they eat what I believe to be a birthday cake makes sense with the title being "Again" because it's someone's birthday again.

The title of the song comes out in the chorus: "When we had it easy / I would say I don't mind / That it's such a long, long way back home / Again" and I think this can be attributed to any number of things.   In the sense of music, if you think about going to see an artist you like perform live, perhaps you'll drive three hours if you're well off and have the money for gas, etc and are able to take the next day off of work without an issue.  But some people can't even afford concert tickets right now, hence the "when we had it easy".

But in a grand scheme of things type of way, there is always that aspect of life where when you feel like you're doing well you'll want to go out with friends and family, even have your own birthday party.  If you're not feeling as hot though you might want to avoid such things, even though they always seem to come around we just feel that obligation.  It can become overwhelming, but KT Laine can help you through it with this song.


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