Cassette Review //
No Fix
"Neon Dreamz"
(Tetryon Tapes)

The sound of No Fix is one of fast paced punk which can sometimes lean into the hardcore.    This really takes me back to the early 2000's of listening to music when there were so many record labels out there putting out music like this, such as Nitro Records, Epitaph and Go Kart Records.   People always think about the big record labels destroying music because they were so exclusive but they don't think as much about how you could find a good punk label and just enjoy their whole catalogue.

Along the lines of TSOL, No Fix has these raw guitar chords and killer solos.   By the second song though you can hear more of that new wave feel coming through, which tends to happen to bands when they're punk but like to cover older songs.   In ways, it just feels like really getting in touch with your roots somehow.  

The third song comes out fast and hard like New Bomb Turks or Guttermouth.   Those who came before me might feel like this as well, but I always feel like growing up with that first volume of Punk-O-Rama and the early bands on Nitro Records and Fat Wreck Chords- all of that- I just always felt like there was this certain style of punk captured then that hasn't been brought back in a similar form since.

There are bands here and there that have that same attitude as a band from that time frame, and No Fix does a good job of reminding me of that as well, as their final song is bratty and distorted.  It's that reminder of the past but also a look towards the future which gives me hope that certain aspects, certain styles of punk rock won't die because artists like No Fix are keeping them alive.


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