Cassette Review //
(Blackjack Illuminist Records)

With rapid fire drum machines and spooky synths, this cassette begins in a state of somewhat horror.   There are these elements of The Cure, but it also feels like a glam rock band in the sense that it has this big stage presence.    But as much as it is something like Muse, it also has this feeling of being a scary stage show such as Alice Cooper.    There are these industrial aspects to it as well, as the percussion starts and stops, raining down like doom.

This does, eventually, become more of a synthwave sound- with less darkness- as we are somewhat used to when listening to Vlimmer.    There is really nice melody in here as well.    This reminds me a bit of Brazil as well, as it gets misty and the music really drives it.    There are also songs which just come out with this straight up dance feeling with the drums and synth and I really like how this can be sort of scary but also on the dance floor.

Somehow this cuts off on the first side of the cassette and then on the flip side we get into some fast paced electronics chaos.    Some spatial darkness still exists within these songs and then the beat drops down like thunder.   There is a very methodic and rhythmic way about these beats until they hit the next song and it feels more like synth expanding in space.   With this sound, it just feels more dreamy.   

Everything sounds like it's breaking, but then we get into this fast paced synth punk and the Oingo Boingo and Devo are both coming out here with some glitches.   Then this just drops off into a lot of distortion and screaming.   It seems to come back to where it was somewhat haunted in the beginning, but just also feels like the culmination of every other sound on this cassette just converging into one.