Music Review //
Mary Clements

The idea of possibilities can be good because if something looks optimistic then they can say you have unlimited possibilities.  But the idea Mary Clements brings into the song "Possibilities" is more of a tribute to those events which could have happened but didn't.  It's interesting because you always have to think about not just what happens but what doesn't happen.

Maybe I have too much anxiety but I do think about these types of things a lot.  If there is one day with two events happening and you have to pick you always wonder what the other would've been like.  But just that idea of everything you do has a direct result but also spawns off all of these others things which you could've but didn't do.

This song comes through in a non-threatening pop rock way where the verses have singing and the chorus is a bit faster with the words begin spoken rapidly.  At one point the verse just seems to count to ten, to consider all those possibilities, and then one lyric which really ties this song together is: "I try to do my best and forget all the rest"

In so many ways and just for so many reasons I think we're all going to experience that FOMO as much as we let ourselves.  What this song should remind of us and help us to cope with is the fact that there are always going to be these "What if" situations and rather than dwell on them we just have to keep going forward and trust that the choices we make are the right ones.