Music Review //
Jeremy Voltz

Perhaps no other song has been quite connected in the music and lyrics as Jeremy Voltz has managed here on "Mountains".   The overall sound of this song is acoustic and during the chorus the voice of Jeremy Voltz just gets bigger in a Josh Groban type of way.  This is fitting because the lyrics are going up to a mountain and it feels like this could be singing on the top of one.

Powerful, majestic and almost like a church hymn, Jeremy Voltz discusses going up to a mountain and living the rest of his days inside of a cave.  He states that he cannot sleep through the night and so I feel as if this idea of going up to the mountain is a means of escape.  We all have those worries and that stress in our lives and so being able to retreat somewhere so as to not have them seems like something we've all thought about before.

I also like to think of this song in a symbolic way where the mountain doesn't have to be an actual mountain and the cave doesn't have to be a literal cave.  If you have problems in your life that are stressing you out so that you cannot sleep, sometimes you just have to hole up inside your own room for a bit to get it all sorted out.  If life seems overwhelming, just remember you can set your own pace for it.

I feel like people often times have these ideas of quitting or giving up in life.  But rather than saying something is stressing you out and you don't want to do it any more, maybe just step away from it for a while until you're ready to go back to it.   We all need that little break once in a while and this song reminds us that needing that break doesn't make us broken.