Music Review //
Joey Stylez
"Thru the Ceiling"

The music of Joey Stylez has a unique sound because it is hip hop at its core but right away in the video you can see someone playing the drums and an acoustic guitar.   If I had to compare this with any existing type of hip hop I feel like it's got that Nelly vibe to it, like something from the Dirty South, just in the way that the "hey" and "oh" parts are dragged out in the singing but it also feels like it's coming out of flashy cars.

Within this video and the song itself you will find a great deal of Native American influence, as Native Americans are shown dancing in full outfits and I believe some of the lyrics are even of their language.   This is actually really cool to me because I feel like for all of the cultures and groups of people represented in music I don't hear from Native Americans enough.  

"Thru the Ceiling" has enough of that hip hop sound where it could be on the radio (on a hip hop station though, less likely on a pop station) and in that sense it could help draw more awareness to the Native American people.   Even this video ends with a message about Turtle Island and I think that's important to embrace.

Just to have that representation, to be able to feel like you're connecting with the Native American community through this song just feels so meaningful.   It is definitely a song I feel like you should go out of your way to hear regardless just because musically and lyrically it is that good, but if it connects you to people you may not otherwise have that with, that's even better.  


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