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"Helicopter Takeoff at Night"

One of the first things I thought about when reading this title was whether or not helicopters could fly at night.  I don't know why I briefly thought that they couldn't, but that seems like what the title is about somehow.   But helicopters can project down those huge spotlights when they try and find escaped prisoners and such, so I'm pretty sure they do fly at night.

This song and music video feel like they go together.  Synths and beats are calmer, then explode.  It starts with helicopters flying and then shifts to someone doing a ski jump.   When the ski jumper hits that big air though the song really kicks in as well.  They go together.   Much of this footage feels older as we see a skydiver performing various twirls and such in the air.  

An instrumental song, part video game and just part synthwave in an electronic way, this has a lot of build behind it.  The video seems to focus on that which goes up in the sky and comes back down, which is interesting because it all also takes place when the sky is blue- not at night, though I suppose the darkness would not make for the best video.

I think "Helicopter Takeoff at Night" could be the name of something.  Maybe one of those gymnastics type moves the skydivers are doing is called that, in the same way that skateboard tricks get named.  But with the video being in the daylight I see it more as an existential question.  Sure, a helicopter can take off at night, but if no one sees it then what?   It feels like it's more about the flash than the reason and that's okay.


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