Music Review //
Sugar Jesus x ILY
"Body Moving"

To name a song "Body Moving" you promise a certain amount of energy and Sugar Jesus does not disappoint.  While music can make or break your mood, it can be set to happy or sad, but one thing people often overlook about music is that control it can have over you.   The way that this song is just makes it feel impossible to not want to get up and dance during it.  

With the synth comes pop but this is really just like something out of that 1990's dance feel.  Somewhere between C&C Music Factory and Gloria Estefan, you can just feel the sweat in the music video while listening to this song.   A bit of Janet Jackson as well, and this is just one of those big production feel songs as well- where everyone in the video would be doing an elaborate dance together.

When music makes you feel a certain way, sometimes you might not be in the mood to hear a particular song.   But with "Body Moving", you could hear this song at the gym or put it on when you have to clean your house- any time you need that energy.  And if you feel like you don't want to hear it but need energy that is perhaps when you will need it most of all.

Sugar Jesus and ILY have done what only the smallest percentage of musicians can have claimed to do.   They have created a song so powerful that you must listen to it and move your body.  If you're already moving, you'll just move a little bit harder.   And to have that type of control over someone- through music- is perhaps the greatest success of all.  


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