Music Review //

"IN TIME" begins with these chords that sound like reggae and then it drops off into hip hop for the rest of the album.   There is some singing throughout the album, on different songs, but it mostly is just the one voice with the music.  "Better Now" has a very strong anthem vibe to it while "Party On Me" reminds me of a Will Smith type of song.

"The Movement" has big Coolio vibes and I can hear a lot of Coolio coming out throughout this entire album by Moment.   With a name drop of Nas, there is also a lot of music in these songs as there are instrumental tracks as well.  "One Inside My Dreams" manages to bring the album- while it is about halfway through- back to the beginning as the "Moment In Time" title is referenced.  

"To Infinity" is a great instrumental song that also happens to be just chill.  The final song on this album- "Triumphant Rebel"- has these alien sounding tones but big Jock Jam kind of beats and that closes out the album instrumental as well.   In many ways, Moment just has that unique voice that makes it difficult to compare this with other hip hop.

But I will say that this is definitely a sound more like the early 2000's or prior to that (even the 1990's) and it's not so much of that modern sound.   I think it's important to know that this is the type of sound you'd hear on cassette with A Tribe Called Quest or something from that era when hip hop wasn't just "words + beats", but offered up so much more as this album does.


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