Thursday, December 16, 2021

Music Review //
Chawa Lilith

Right away, the music of Chawa Lilith comes through in an ambient drone way.  I feel like I've heard music such as this before but it's always been instrumental and so that puts Chawa Lilith into a genre by itself, even though there might be comparisons made with artists such as Enya, Shana Falana, Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star.   It just feels like you're floating endlessly through space, but it has vocals so it's not the typical way I feel when drifting.

The first song is called "Good Things" and there is a line in there which says to "focus on only the good things" and I fully believe that.   It's one of those things which comes with the idea that you get what you put into the world.  I could write a review about something that I don't like but at the end of the day who does that really benefit?  It just feels like wasted time.  But if I write a review about something I do like, then the person who made it knows I like it and people who think similarly as me will maybe find it as well.

Within the lyrics are a lot of ooooh's and aaahhhhh's, the way that vocals can come out but not be words.   The way that these transcend from song to song makes it feel at times like this can just be one continuous sound and that isn't a bad thing because having that connection between songs on an album is something which many artists lack.   This also provides the album with a flow unlike most other albums and for that along it should be studied and implemented. 

The electronics aspect of this album can also make it feel a bit like Phil Collins.  There is that way about it where it isn't always the best choice of something to put on, say at a party for example or if you're trying to do something energetic.  This music is chill and when you're listening to it, the best way for you to be is also chill or at least trying to clear your thoughts.  But as someone who tends to have too many thoughts racing through their mind at one time this can be used to gain some focus.

Music Review //
The Nylon Admirals
"Butcher's Hook

When The Nylon Admirals first begin "Butcher's Hook" there is an inescapable piano piece which reminds me of the opening to the song "California" by Phantom Planet.  This is where the connection between the two artists ends, however, as the pace picks up and The Nylon Admirals begin an electronic journey through space and time.   This is the type of song that makes me want to get into my car at night and see how fast I can truly go.

Though "Butcher's Hook" is instrumental, one of the things which makes that fun is that there is a music video for it and so instead of hearing words you can sing along with, you can watch images unfold before your very eyes.   While the video begins in sepia, it turns to full color once the song picks up the pace.   There are images of hot air balloons flying, robots dancing and just gears in general which make me think of steampunk but I also just feel like the whole video has a post apocalyptic vibe as well.

One of the things which makes "Butcher's Hook" so special is that on its own it can feel like important song.  The music video for it can also just be a joy to watch, even if you were to put it on mute for some reason.   But the way that these two come together and compliment each other is truly how more artists should be creating their art.   Though one aspect can survive without the other, it does feel like in some way they both also need each other.

Artists like Phantoms Vs Fire come to mind when I hear this.  There are also strong elements of video games within, even if it's only because the video looks like a game I'd like to play.  But mostly I just like this so much that I feel like every song The Nylon Admirals releases should have a similar video and in the end, after an album's worth of videos, they should all be connected to form a sort of film.   If anyone could pull that off, this song and video show that The Nylon Admirals can.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Music Review //
"We've Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken" + "Another Shade Of Blue"


Growing up with music videos, I've often wondered whether or not others have felt that same meaning in them as I do because I wish there was an outlet such as MTV once was in the 1990's.    Back in the 1990's, which was really when music videos peaked because there was MTV (though with technology improving they are also better in so many other ways now) there might have been a series of videos from the same artist which felt connected but I don't feel like there has ever been a double music video before, such as Toigo has accomplished here.

The first half of this music video feels like a song that starts off in that rock way similar to R.E.M. but then as it kicks in I can hear some radio influences in a more modern sense such as Death Cab For Cutie.   The music video starts with our main character waking up in the middle of the desert and being told "You have to make a choice".   This video for the first song spends a lot of time just following Toigo around, with his guitar, as he walks through a city and is sometimes is just on a bed in what feels like a hotel room.

As Toigo takes what appears to be the green pill we switch to the second half of the video, with the second song, and that has a much more trippy vibe to it in that Pink Floyd way.  There are acoustic melodies and a killer guitar riff in here, as Toigo sings about being the man with the meaning.    This portion of the video takes place mainly in the desert and it has that psychedelic visual to it which one might expect to accompany a song of similar styling.   In the end, Toigo seemingly wakes back up right where we started sending us on a complete mental trip.

One of my favorite parts of this being two songs in a double music video is that while both of these songs work well on their own (if you were to split up the video it still works) they just somehow also go together so well that they almost feel like a continuation of each other.  And yet though both songs stay within the genre of rock, they are distinct enough for you to know where one ends and the next begins.   I really hope this video is noticed because of the innovation behind it being the double music video, but I also hope people spend more time with it because of how great it is.  

Friday, December 10, 2021

Music Review //
1st Base Runner

- check Bandcamp for link as well

While "Ellis" is not my introduction to 1st Base Runner, every time I listen to 1st Base Runner still feels like the first time because that sound just feels so fresh inside my head.   These songs are heavy on the electronics but still remind me of guitar-based rock music with hints of pop and there are guitars in here as well.  This music is just so low key chill.  If there was a music video based upon this entire sound it would look like a cross between "Knight Rider" and "Tron", where a cool car just drove around at night surrounded by bright shining colors.

What I perhaps love most about 1st Base Runner is the way that these songs can have that familiar feeling without sounding directly like any other artist out there today.   This would make for perfect radio placement because a song could be confused for an existing artist and listeners would already feel comfortable with them.  Somewhere between The Police and Kings of Leon but with an electronic sense, and yet the second song- "FLUX"- makes me think of Elvis Costello and U2.   People are quick to make fun of U2, but back when the radio and cassettes were all we had they were all over it.

I'm also just reminded of artists such as Blue October and Muse.  In that sense, these truly feel like a collection of songs- sometimes more electronic than not- which just feel like they're pushing those boundaries of what rock music means today.  And when you say something is like looking into the future or "experimental" it can mean a lot of different things.  But this really just feels like that sound that most artists haven't found yet and it really isn't on the radio yet, but in some odd years it will be and we can look back at this as foreshadowing. 

Music always has been and always should be timeless.   If a song was released twenty years ago it could have the same amount of importance as a song released last week.  What music listeners should appreciate about 1st Base Runner in 2021 (going into 2022) is that this is a sound which might not be fully understood until 2025 or later.  This is a story which is still developing.  But once this really takes off as it should, then people are going to know.  Listening to 1st Base Runner now feels like taking that glimpse into the future and who wouldn't want to do that.  

Wrestling Review //
Beyond Wrestling
Uncharted Territory
Season 3, Episode 10
Worcester, MA

This would mark our third week in a row at Uncharted Territory and this review should be taken with a grain of salt as it might have simply been burn out on my part, from going three weeks in a row, but at the same time the idea of Uncharted Territory is to keep going back every week if you can so I really have no idea how anyone can be there for all of the weeks even though some do it.   Those fans (and the fans who attend every show on The Wrestival) deserve some type of IWTV award.

Last week the announcement of Masha Slamovich vs Atticus Cogar made Jess want to come to this show and since I tend to enjoy professional wrestling and feel like I've made Jess go to shows with me where I've wanted to see a particular wrestler and she wasn't as excited going into it as I was, I was a team player and went along.   I didn't really watch the first few episodes of Uncharted Territory because there wasn't really anything on them which spoke to me, but to say this was my least favorite episode of Uncharted Territory would be correct.

In fact, I'm going to go so far as to say that this was my least favorite live show I've ever been to (for a number of reasons I won't get into here) and there are only two others which even come close.  (For example, one of those two was that IWTV show, which I don't think was quite as bad because at least we were already there for Camp Leapfrog so it felt like less going out of our way to see it)  I will even make the bold statement right now, three paragraphs into typing this, that if you're reading this it means I decided to post it because to some extent I didn't even want to write it.   Something about "if you don't have anything nice to say" but I'm typing this because I have the time- briefly- and I felt like I needed to vent.

After winning the spotlight match last week against Love, Doug we saw Brian Johnson call out Trish Adora.  Rather than someone (anyone? please?) tell Brian Johnson that he's not on the same level as Trish Adora and should pick up a few more wins before that match happens, they decided to run with this match and it was the spotlight match.  Trish Adora.  Arguably the best wrestler in the world today.  Is not only facing Brian Johnson, someone who has done fuck all in wrestling, but is also doing so in the pre-show match.  Wonderful.

The thing about Trish Adora as a wrestler is that she's so great because she can adapt to any style.   You want to see her wrestle in a mat based way, like she did against Jordan Blade, or just really tell a story like she has with Suge D and Darius Carter or even do some comedy like with Shockwave or whatever you'd consider the match with Dark Sheik to be-- Trish Adora can do it all and make her opponent look good.  Except in this match.  Nothing can make Brian Johnson look good.  The guy is just awful between those ropes and barely got booed with his dated references to the word "bozo".   If you're trying to get a crowd reaction and all I can hear is people coughing you don't belong in front of an audience.

It is also worth noting that Brian Johnson lost.  He came to Uncharted Territory.  Won one match.  Called out Trish Adora.  And then lost to her.  Where does he go from here?  Hopefully, this just means he's defeated and he won't come back.  April can't come fast enough.  

This match really set the tone for the night to the extent that it was a shit match and this lead to a shit show.  Alec Price and B3CCA came out to announce that Willow Nightingale was not there (that match seems cursed) and so their challenge was accepted by Waves and Curls.  It was great to see Waves and Curls back and I know that they were at the show on Sunday as well, but I feel like it would've been much more impactful if we didn't see them again until the season finale when Brick City Boyz were still running the gauntlet and then that set up the match for Heavy Lies The Crown.   It's the little things like that which wrestling often times misses and it might just be me but I think back to when Brock Lesnar took on Samoa Joe for the first time ever in WWE and I kept thinking "Don't let them touch until the match" and then a week later they were brawling before the match.

Now, I'm not the type of wrestling fan who believes that a character has to maintain their same reaction wherever they go.  I'm okay with someone like B3CCA, for example, coming into Beyond and being booed and yet when B3CCA is in Chaotic Wrestling she is largely cheered.  And yet we have the Tag Team Discovery Gauntlet in which the Brick City Boyz (major boos) face VBU who are obnoxious frat boy vlogger types and so it just felt like there wasn't anyone to cheer for in this match but also I kind of just get the feeling that BCB are going until the end so it doesn't matter either.  

So the Club Cam guy came out to interview Brick City Boyz but then this turned into a thing where he basically wanted to wrestle Ted Goodz, but Ted Goodz came out and said that instead next week it'd be Cam vs LMK.   And of course also we'll see Sam Leterna vs Megan Bayne next week because at this point why the fuck not.  And so as I feel like we're heading towards Ted Goodz/Ryan Galeone/LMK vs Mike Bennett/Matt Taven/Maria, we get thrown this match and seeming side distraction instead.  

Matt Taven came out and jumped Ted Goodz which lead to their match starting.  At one point, Teddy Goodz almost won and I thought "He jumped him from behind and couldn't even beat him", but there was the answer right there: Taven had to predictably win because he got that early advantage.

After this match it was a nice surprise to see Davienne but when I realized she would be losing to Megan Bayne (again) my enthusiasm was curbed.   I don't understand this still and even as Megan Bayne was leaving I yelled to her "What does it mean? What is the end game?"  The Megan Bayne-Davienne match they previously did at WWR+ was much better than this one, if only because back then we thought Davienne might win.   Though this wasn't a complete squash match, the winning steak of Megan Bayne being on a treadmill to nowhere is just really tiresome.   That once projected magic of Megan Bayne vs Trish Adora now just seems like aged paper, crumbling.

There were two matches left and at this point I was just deflated.  I just wanted this show to be over with and I was hoping nothing would be announced that would make us want to come back next week.   Ironbeast vs Hot Wheelz was actually a really good match and there was some impressive offense in there.  I just wish it happened at a time when I already felt so apathetic to the entire show, so mentally and emotionally checked out.  

In the main event Masha Slamovich took on Atticus Cogar and it was the reason why we were there.  I enjoyed this match for the violence that it was.  In comparison to the previous match vs Slade, where there was no blood, this one felt like more of a toned down death match as there were just some light tubes missing to make it truly feel like home for Atticus Cogar.  But, again, by this point I just felt so much like the life had been sucked out of me that this show wasn't fun any more and nothing could've really changed that.  

I realize that the best type of criticism can be constructive- which is why I'm debating even posting this- but I don't know what could have been done differently for this card to make it better.  For whatever reason Willow Nightingale wasn't there, that can't be changed.  Megan Bayne's winning streak isn't just going to suddenly gain meaning over night.  And while Trish Adora usually is out selling merch after the show she wasn't on this night so maybe she had somewhere to be which is why she went on so early.   But even still, Brian Johnson should have never been in the same ring with Trish Adora and possibly not even in a wrestling ring at all.

My other sort of theory about this is that maybe this just felt like a bad episode of Uncharted Territory for me because the last two were so good.  When you have eight matches on a card and they all start to feel like main events (or at least six of them do) it's hard to top that and then it also becomes difficult to keep that momentum every week, as some shows can't even do it month to month.   So it might be somewhat of burnout by me watching as a fan but it might also be the simple fact that after these past two weeks it's just that matter of "They'll never top this!"  In a different context, this show might have felt better.  I also realize now that I completely forgot about the match between Dan Barry and Dak Draper but that's okay. 

There is a lot going on in professional wrestling right now and I think the biggest thing to realize is that you don't have to watch something if you don't want to because there will never be a lack of content.    I also find it important to recognize that people like different things- it's an opinion not fact- and so having those views is something we should be more accepting of in general.  I think Beyond Wrestling can be very hit or miss, with these past two weeks being hits and this week being a miss.  But, you just keep your head up, keep moving forward and hope for a better tomorrow.  And possibly call on Shockwave The Robot again.  

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Wrestling Review //
Blitzkrieg! Pro
Mark It Zero
Enfield, CT

For the second night in a row Jess, Quentin and I returned to the House of Pierogis for Blitzkrieg! Pro and this card was already shaping up to be something special because we had the majority of the matches known ahead of time.   This show also featured some special guests, one of which was Danhausen who was originally going to wrestle Max Caster but then he got injured and so he was out for meet and greets courtesy of Best Batch Promotions.

When we first got inside I went over to where Best Batch Promotions was set up but saw only Danhausen, Max Caster and Matthew Rehwoldt.  I wasn't really sure going into the show what I was going to do in terms of autographs and photos, other than that I knew I definitely wanted a photo/auto combo from Rachael Ellering.   I saw a poster- which was also done by Jack Purcell- and wondered what it's deal was then ended up buying it.  During the day, before Blitzkrieg! Pro, both Danhausen and Rachael Ellering did a signing elsewhere and the prices were $20 for an autograph, $20 for a photo and $30 for both.

The poster- which was exclusive to the two signings- was only $60 and it would get me photos with both wrestlers plus they'd sign it.  This was a great deal and almost felt like the poster was free if you didn't have something for them to sign.  If you only wanted to meet one of them it would be different or if you had your own item to sign, but I didn't just want some random 8x10 signed that they had there so this worked out the best for me.  I was also on the fence about Danhausen because he wasn't wrestling but the poster deal from Best Batch Promotions sealed the deal for me.

I had Quentin take a photo with Danhausen and then told Danhausen my story about two of my favorite emails ever, both because of him.  We went back to our seats and I placed the poster in between our chairs but still worried all night that someone would dive into us, spill soda or something to somehow cause it damage.  I need to come up with some sort of poster storage protection plan for shows such as this.

We started the show with the tag team match of A Message To You vs Kings Of The District.  A Message To You didn't come out to their normal song and I told Jess that about ten times.   This match was really fun because it was about the power as well as the teams working together.  I really enjoy tag team wrestling when there are two people working together as a team and there seem to be more tag teams out there now who have become more of a team and less of individuals.   This match also makes me wonder about the status of the Blitzkrieg! Pro Tag Team Titles, as A Message To You should be in line for a shot at them now, after this win.

The second match was the JGeorge Open Challenge and we've seen JGeorge in Pro Wrestling Magic before so it was nice to see him in Blitzkrieg! Pro.  This just goes with a whole rant I had back at the Uncharted Territory with EFFY and Allie Katch and how not all fans are willing to drive to shows in NJ and MA, so sometimes one crowd loses certain wrestlers and it's cool for them to be featured in different states.   Everyone can't just be expected to drive all around New England like I do.  

So JGeorge's Open Challenge was accepted by Scotty Wild, who came out with an introduction and dressed like The Dude.  This was a lot of fun because not only did it tie into the whole idea of the show being called Mark It Zero, but it fit perfectly with JGeorge who sees his matches as being like a movie.  If this whole thing with Scotty Wild happened with any other wrestler it could've still worked but it wouldn't have worked as well as it did with JGeorge and it's just those little things, the attention to detail, which makes what Blitzkrieg! Pro is doing stand out.

Up next we had Skylar vs Rachael Ellering.  Rachael Ellering has been making a name for herself (even more so) in Impact Wrestling while Skylar has been mostly slept on in Blitzkrieg! Pro.  People may not have known what to expect going into this match but these two wrestlers beat the hell out of each other for the entire match.  When it ended, there was a double pin and the fans were upset because they wanted a clear winner.   As I thought about it, I realized I was okay with the draw decision because it just meant that they would have to fight again.  And whether it has a stipulation such as 2 out of 3 Falls or not, I would like to be there to see it.

CPA's Office Christmas Party was up next and this match was a mix of comedy and violence, two of my favorite things.  The match started with each wrestler coming out and essentially being placed underneath a box with wrapping paper on it- a present.  50 Cal was actually out first and when I saw him do this I said to Jess "Jeff Cannonball isn't going to fit in one of those boxes" because the wrestlers were basically in the form of a cannonball.   This became true and a bit of a gag for the match as Jeff Cannonball wouldn't go under the present and instead just had a large box placed over his head.

Originally, the opening tag team match was to include MSP but Aggro hurt his ribs so we ended up with DangerKid in this match which was kind of my idea but I also thought we could move Armani Kayos to the tag match with Paris Van Dale.  So this match was supposed to be five competitors and it became six.  Kaia McKenna was in this match for a little bit then came out of the ring in front of us and said she dislocated her shoulder, so she was taken out.

This match had the spots that multi-person matches sometimes have: everyone getting a headlock on everyone else, for example.  But then there was also violence.  Weapons were brought in and it just got out of control.  Right near us, a computer keyboard was smashed over someone and it just shattered.  Pieces of it flew everywhere.  This was one of those matches where I told Quentin he had to pay attention because the wrestlers might come near us, but there was also debris flying throughout our section.  

One of the funny parts of this match as well was that it was stated that about every 95 seconds someone would enter the match.  Well, CPA and DangerKid started the match and it felt like ten minutes had passed and no one else had been released from their present.  A fan said something about this and CPA asked if Dave Meltzer was there timing the match.  After someone finally came in, they then seemed to release people rather quickly.  And to top it all off, Jeff Cannonball was let in last, stuck under his box for the longest time.

While this show felt like all of the matches could be main events, we went next into Max Caster vs Matthew Rehwoldt.  The funny thing about this match is that Max Caster has his roots in Blitzkrieg! Pro and as such it just seemed like fans were happy to see him.  Matthew Rehwoldt played it up as a heel, so in a bit of things being upside down Max Caster was cheered in this match and seen as the fan favorite.  I've seen a little bit of what Matthew Rehwoldt has done in Impact Wrestling but he's a heel there too, so I knew I'd be booing him and cheering for Max Caster regardless of what the rest of the fans did.   Somehow, we were all on the same page.

This took us into intermission and we made our way around the merch tables.  Rachael Ellering was out so we went to get into her line.  Danhausen had a huge line now as well.  I did the one thing I don't like it when other people do it (and I didn't realize I was doing it) but I talked to Rachael Ellering for a bit too long.  She was super nice about it, but I didn't realize a line was forming behind us and I'm usually just about getting the merch and getting out if I know other people are also waiting.

We also saw JGeorge during intermission.   We bought the last monster truck Perry Von Vicious had, which I told Quentin we could do if it was still there.  I was trying not to do too much during intermission though because I knew when the show came back I'd be responsible for all the stuff we got.  

When the show came back it seemed like Kirby Wackerman was going to face Bryce Donovan, because Bryce Donovan had cost Kirby Wackerman the Bedlam Championship, but instead the Shook Crew brought out Juba to face Kirby.  This was a tough match because the Shook Crew was being cheered and it seemed like they didn't know how to react because they wanted to be booed.  Still, the fans were behind Kirby Wackerman and booing Juba, who came out with Cypher.  

This match saw Shook Crew try and attack Kirby Wackerman afterwards but the save was made by Smart Mark Sterling.  This, interestingly enough, set up a match between Mark Sterling and Bryce Donovan, with Bryce Donovan getting the eventual win meaning that Mark Sterling can no longer wrestle in Blitzkrieg! Pro.   This was a bit of a shock and it will be interesting to see if something happens next year which allows Mark Sterling to wrestle in B!P again or if he's really done.  

We went into a tag team match next between the Apostles Of Chaos and Even Stevens.  This couldn't be more of a clash of styles here but yet somehow the Even Stevens used a chair to get the win behind the ref's back.  Perhaps there needs to be a rematch some time down the line only it needs to be No DQ so that this doesn't happen again.  Even Stevens seemed to be playing to the crowd at one point but later said they didn't like us and had us right in the palm of their hand.  I was never fooled.

The next two matches were among the best I've ever seen and with what the show had looked like up until this point that's really saying a lot.  Carlos Romo and Travis Huckabee just put on a clinic of wrestling, grappling and it was just such the type of match that you don't see much of these days, or sometimes wrestlers try to do it and it ends up being boring, but these two kept the suspense going for every second and it was wonderful.

The last match main event was the Ladder Hell for the Bedlam Championship and I really felt like everyone involved in this put their bodies on the line to the point where they almost died.  Some of the things the did were just crazy.  King Crab hit his head at one point on a ladder and I don't think he was meant to do that but this is what happens in this type of chaos.  Kirby Wackerman came out, pushed Bobby Orlando off of a ladder and that allowed VSK to eventually get the win which was just such a good way to end this whole show.

We stuck around after the show to buy soda from Jeff Cannonball but as we were leaving the show I said to Jess that the one thing Blitzkrieg! is doing that it just feels like no one else is doing is putting on different matches.  Sometimes you'll go to a wrestling show and it just feels like "Here's another match between two guys in a similar style to the match you just saw!", which if you want to see all those guys, it's fine.   But Blitzkrieg! doesn't just have that style where the matches stand out on their own but it's also that those involved are at the top of their game as well.

The way I think of it is that, specifically with this show, you have a match between Rachael Ellering and Skylar and a match between Max Caster and Matthew Rehwoldt.  Two completely different style matches and yet four of the wrestlers who are the best at what they do in the world today.   And that can just be said up and down the card.   Growing up, I feel like I really fell in love with wrestling during ECW.  At that time, you'd have a comedy match with perhaps the FBI or bWo.  You'd have a lucha libre style match with Super Crazy.  Then you'd have submission, mat-based wrestling with Taz.  And someone like The Sandman would get hardcore.  

I enjoy watching lucha libre (I still watch AAA).  I actually watch a lot of joshi wrestling.  I also enjoy a promotion such as Camp Leapfrog, which seems to cater to more of the comedy styles.   But when you have a show that can combine different styles of wrestling in top form... I just don't know if anyone else out there right now is doing this or even coming close.  (Perhaps the closest we can come to it is Chaotic Wrestling but they don't always represent all the same genres that B!P does.  Still, nothing but love for Chaotic)

2020 was a blur.  2021 was about getting back on our feet.  Blitzkrieg! Pro didn't even run a full schedule this year.  But next year, and starting things off with the Wrestival, I just feel like Blitzkrieg! Pro is going to have a year.  And you can mark these words one year from now- hold me to them and see where we are then.   If you're not Blitzkrieg! Pro right now, I suggest you start.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wrestling Review //
Blitzkrieg! Pro
Shoulder To The Wheel
Enfield, CT

When this weekend in Enfield, CT- the final Blitzkrieg! Pro show of the year- was announced, there were supposed to be shows on both Friday night and Saturday afternoon featuring different promotions.   This was interesting because I wanted to do all three shows but knew deep down inside that it wouldn't be possible, as we simply couldn't spend that long at the House of Pierogis on Saturday, especially after being there on Friday night.  It worked out in some weird way (for us as fans, not for the wrestlers or anyone else with power probably) that there would only be a Friday and Saturday night show because though we haven't done it as much lately, two shows in a row is cool.

Shoulder To The Wheel was advertised as a chance for Blitzkrieg! Pro to bring in some wrestlers they haven't yet or haven't in a long time to face their regulars.  This show was also cash only at the door, surprise card and if you had tickets to Mark It Zero the next night (which we did) then it's $10 (if you didn't it's $20).   This, in a lot of ways, was a nice gesture towards fans because it was in a large way rewarding fans for their loyalty.  There are a lot of things which other promotions do to seemingly punish their fans (but I won't get into it here) and yet Blitzkrieg! Pro just seemingly always goes out of their way for their fans, at least in the areas which matter to me.  It's just the things which seem like little things but really just mean so much to me.

There was a decent sized crowd for this show but I really wish more people had shown up and packed the place.   My logic was that we didn't have anything else going on this night, it was only $10 since we had tickets for Mark It Zero and we would at the very least get to see the B!P regulars to some extent so you know it would be fun.   Unless people just had other plans on that particular night I'm not sure what was stopping them from being like "Yeah! More wrestling!" Unless they felt like it was too much and I'm in the minority of people who want to go to wrestling multiple nights in a row.

The show opened with Blitzkrieg! Pro roster member Sammy Diaz taking on newcomer Mike Anthony.  Mike Anthony had a pre-show tag team match at Fall Children and was featured during Retro World Expo as well, but this was kind of his first big showing for B!P.  I love the fact that the whole idea of Mike Anthony is simply that he isn't crazy (though he looks crazy) and it's as simple as the crowd yelling at him that he is crazy and him yelling back that he isn't.  Also, during this match with Mike Anthony being taunted from the crowd, the place really sounded like it was at full capacity so we might not have been as many fans as the next night but we were loud and rowdy fans.

After this match, Sammy Diaz seemed frustrated and almost like he is ready for a heel turn.  It's funny because seeing Sammy Diaz in TOS and with Eli6 as part of The Firm, it makes me want to boo Sammy Diaz no matter how good he might be inside that ring (and he is damn good)  So having him make this heel turn and maybe even introduce The Firm to Blitzkrieg! Pro is an interesting development.  It's fun to cheer Sammy Diaz, but it is somehow even more fun to boo him.  I don't know why that is, I don't make the rules.

The second match had Apostles Of Chaos taking on VBU, who we had seen in that Dante Drago was at Retro World Expo but I do believe this was Jack Tomlinson's first time in B!P.   Logan Black and Chris Benne are perhaps the toughest challenge that any tag team could have- within B!P and otherwise- and VBU seemed up to it, despite Jack Tomlinson constantly on his phone doing things for his vlog.   One of the best aspects of these matches, as well, was that the fans seemed to right away know who to cheer for and who to boo, but it somehow just also worked out that these first two matches had the B!P regulars being cheered.

What was interesting about this show was that it gave wrestlers a spotlight they might not have otherwise had in Blitzkrieg! Pro and every single one of them owned it.   This was made especially apparent in the case of Dr Cool Jay Klang, who had a match against CPA.  When we last saw Dr Cool Jay Klang at Retro World Expo he was up against bad guys so he was being cheered.  During this match, he was being told that he wasn't cool and that CPA was cool, and it was just so much fun seeing it unfold because Dr Cool Jay Klang did not miss a beat with the crowd being against him.

This match in and of itself was also a lot of fun and one of those demonstrations on how what CPA is doing inside of that ring and at Blitzkrieg! Pro is just so special.  It really reminds me of how back in the day when you had a promotion like ECW you knew when new wrestlers came in they'd have to go through certain mainstays in the company and you could just imagine what they were going to be put through.  It's like when a new tag team would come in and they'd be put up against Balls & Axl (or Balls and someone later on)  CPA just has this style and way about him that is going to blow up huge in 2022- that's my prediction.  (And let nothing in that statement take away from Dr Cool Jay Klang, who held his own during this match)

One thing we didn't know going into this show was which B!P regulars would be featured.  You could have an idea based upon who was on the show Saturday, but only a few of the wrestlers confirmed via Twitter that they would be there.  King Crab actually had some confusion about whether or not he'd be there and per my preview on LWOS I told him he was facing Jack Tomlinson.  The first real surprise of the night came when Stevie Legend issued an open challenge and it was accepted by Jeff Cannonball.  While Jeff Cannonball was scheduled to be at Mark It Zero, I didn't factor him into this show so not only was that a surprise but it was also a "Holy shit that's not who you want to answer your open challenge" moment.

Stevie Legend still gave it his all and I'd like to see him back in B!P one day.  Stevie Legend vs Sammy Diaz, for example, could be a great fit for B!P in the future.  Speaking of the future, the trios team of Pancakes, Abby Jane and ABBS took on Leary, Skylar and Perry Von Vicious in what was just an insane match.  I'm going to say this now because this match feels most fitting for it, but this was a great card, top to bottom.  This was the type of show that had match graphics been made and the whole presentation of the card been laid out before you, then more people might have shown up based on the idea of "Whoa that card looks sick", but if you're not willing to pay $10 and put your faith into Blitzkrieg! Pro then that's kind of on you if you missed this card.  

This trios match was a lot of fun because there were so many different dynamics to it, with each wrestler in the ring squaring up differently with the other.  The big money match was Perry Von Vicious vs ABBS, father vs son, which briefly happened.  Skylar vs Abby Jane was also a lot of fun.  Of course Leary and ABBS held down their ends of the teams, making it feel like they had to be in this match or it just wouldn't have been quite the same.

There was no intermission (presumably to keep the show moving if you needed to go home to sleep before tomorrow and also because you wouldn't want someone to come out and sell merch during intermission if it meant spoiling the surprise of seeing them later that night)  We went instead into one of the matches of the night, which says a lot when you consider everything which this card put into the world, and that was the debuting Austin Luke taking on Travis Huckabee.  

I must apologize here to the fine people at H2O as I just assumed that if you're training under Matt Tremont your specialty is going to be hardcore matches.  I don't really watch H2O and I'm not familiar with their entire roster, a lot of the kids blend together for me, but I just assumed they were all down there blasting each other with light tubes and doors.   But wow can Austin Luke wrestler.   This was a straight up grappling/submission style match with Travis Huckabee and Austin Luke held his own.  I didn't know Austin Luke was capable of this, but I was impressed.  It also makes me wonder what other secrets H2O is hiding from me.  (But maybe not enough to start following them next year because there is just so much wrestling as it is now)

In an interesting tag team match, Big Juicy and Jay Baker took on Kirby Wackerman and King Crab.  I know that Kirby and the Crab were the B!P regulars, but I still think of Big Juicy as being a B!P regular because the first time I saw her was in a B!P ring and I really feel like even though we've seen her in other promotions, B!P is still where we've seen her the most and so it feels like her home.  Jay Baker still feels relatively new to B!P though, going back to the Beer Bash show this summer.  I also felt torn on this match because at Retro World Expo Big Juicy and Kirby Wackerman made this awesome tag team.

What could be considered the second big surprise of the evening was seeing Davienne make her way to the ring to take on Gal Barkay.  This was a surprise because I didn't know Davienne would be here (she was, oddly, not booked for Mark It Zero) and then she also came out to wrestle Gal Barkay, which was just an amazing match overall.  We've seen two singles matches in person so far of Gal Barkay and the first was against Anthony Greene so to think that he isn't doing something special out there would be what the kids call sleeping on him.  For Gal Barkay to be a huge star- it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

The final match saw Shook Crew taking on Miracle Generation.  Now, Miracle Generation announced on Twitter that they would be here and so did Bobby Orlando.  In fact, when we arrived at the House of Pierogis- before we could even pay for tickets- Bobby Orlando gave me my very own special introduction, letting everyone else there know I had arrived.  So by process of elimination, we hit that point of knowing this was the main event, but it didn't make it any less amazing.  

Miracle Generation- if you don't know- consists of Kylon King and Dustin Waller.  They are two of the fastest moving, most innovative wrestlers out there today and putting them up against your best is a great idea and one you won't regret.  During this show, Bobby Orlando was selling small versions of Bobby Jr and he had sold quite a few so the crowd was behind Shook Crew, who are normally heels.  And Miracle Generation didn't get booed either because they had so many of these "Holy shit!" moments that they truly won over the crowd by the end of it all.  

What I love about this show is that to preview it for LWOS, I came up with this kind of fantasy booked card which I explained and it made sense to me.  To me, it felt like a solid card that everyone would have enjoyed watching.  But then, Blitzkrieg! Pro came through and did completely different matches than what I had predicted and yet from top to bottom it was still an amazing card and one of the best shows I've seen this year.  

The true testament to this show relies on two factors (and those are outside of the venue and fans, which were both also above and beyond)  First off, this show was made possible because of the wrestlers who are regulars in Blitzkrieg! Pro.  That connection- whether as a face or heel- is what made this show feel so special because even if the crowd didn't know who their opponents were they could still cheer/boo the regulars, who they all knew.  

Secondly, this show was made so great because of the way the wrestlers who were either debuting or coming back to B!P (such as Dr Cool Jay Klang, Austin Luke and Miracle Generation) stepped up and really just gave it their all, showing out for the crowd.  I felt like this was not only a sign that the future of wrestling is good but that the future of Blitzkrieg! Pro is good because regardless of what happens they always seem to know how to put on a show that just triumphs.