Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Music Review //
Emm Gryner

Emm Gryner has captured a sound on "Valencia" that is unlike anything else out there right now.   Somewhere between rock, pop and jazz the song is upbeat with horns in the chorus as well.  I'm drawn back to my younger days thinking about Gloria Estefan, but am also reminded how no artist in the 21st Century really sounds like this.

The song has lyrics about dancing in the moonlight and what comes around goes around, so it feels a lot like a complete circle.  There is this energy to it that just makes you want to get up and dance a certain way and I think the lyrics reflect that as well.   Overall, with the lyrics there is just this feeling that things get better.

This music video is set primarily in the ocean, dancing around in the sand and water.  It's mostly during the sun shine as well, so it just radiates the positive vibes that both the lyrics and music create.  Emm Gryner also just has such a positive and unique voice that it makes this song so easy to love.

By the end of the song, there is this saxophone solo that just kind of drifts off.  I'm not sure when the last time I heard a sax in a song on the radio was, but even when you think back to the 1990's and how this could be along those lines, it still has a distinct sound from that.   Everything about this just makes the song itself stand out and that should only bring you in closer.  

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