Music Review //
"Addict" feat. Joseph Tilley

There exists a sound within the music on this song that is just somewhere between funky and chill.  It has those cool keys and just feels so smooth, yet at the same time it feels as if it could closely be turned into a night at the disco with the dancing.    Through modern radio and everything else, there seems to be two distinct sounds found within "Addict" but when they are combined there isn't a lot to be compared with. 

While the music itself has a feel good vibe like Gorillaz or Bruno Mars, the music video can be seen with a lot of movement and dancing.  Sometimes the images on the screen are split or duplicated, but for the most part they're on the beach or in the desert and it just makes it feel like so much fun.   Not only does this feel like a party, but it feels like the type of party that you'd want to be at.

Lyrically this idea of being an "Addict" is taken in the sense of someone being addicted to someone else.  Typically, addiction is something we try not to live with as there are entire groups dedicated to helping you through recovery.  But the idea of this music and the vibes that the song brings about are more positive and it feels like you would want someone else to be addicted to you after hearing this song.

Though this may not the be solution for everyone, the fact that this song is about being an addict in the sense of love, perhaps it can help some people who are addicted to vices which they do not want to be addicted to shift that focus to something else.  Trade those drugs for music or alcohol for a life partner.   As cheesy as it may sound, this song might also be able to help you do just that.  


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