Music Review //
Marty Thompson

When "Unwind" first starts it feels as if it's going to be a little bit more country, more folk than what happens with the songs which follow.   But the titular track does have that way about it where it reminds me of Bob Dylan and Neil Young.  It's very much that working class music that can also take a trip back in time more than sound modern as well.

The second song comes out with these laser blasts which make it sound like something from that era of "The Karate Kid" where the movie would go into this music montage.  "7 AM Stroll" has a bit of Tom Petty in it while "Sunday Sunshine" has this huge guitar solo in it.   Perhaps the way that this also comes out as a ten minute song could put Marty Thompson into the genre of a jam band.

"Paradise" has those Jimmy Buffet vibes and what makes me think most about Marty Thompson is how there is this idea of many different artists throughout time- some I've named already and others such as Bruce Springsteen or Huey Lewis- and there is a little bit of each of these sounds, coming together to form a new sound that becomes Marty Thompson.

There is a great drive to this music as well where you can just put it on and whether you're driving for a while, cleaning, working, etc this can just take you through that.  The music has a way of not feeling as long as it is, but that also helps to make the time you're spending if you're doing something else while listening to it go by without feeling so long.  This album just makes life a little bit better.  


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