Music Review //
Lord Sonny The Unifier
(Interstellar Smoke Records)

Lord Sonny The Unifier comes out swinging with the song "Howl" as it embraces the soulful side of rock n roll music.  With this distorted overall sound there are keys in here and this song does something modern songs don't tend to do as much- drift off into a guitar solo.   With that steady pace it feels like a great burst of energy as well, a real shot in the arm.

From the start, "Howl" reminds me of a song by Buck Gooter but also has that sort of haunted way about it you might've heard more from a classic rock band.   It has that distinct sound that reminds me of gospel in some ways too, not only with the keys but because of the way the singing just has that soul to it.  The singing is almost too powerful for the music itself. 

At some point in time back when records were the means of listening to music (unless you went out and saw the band live) there was also this time when certain rock bands felt dangerous.  I think people tend to forget that about rock music especially when considering what is on the radio right now, but this song definitely feels like it could have that affect on parents saying they don't want their kids listening to Lord Sonny The Unifier.

It's not that the music is offensive, it's just that it's very much in your face in the sound and I can imagine a live performance being similar.  There is also the idea of the title of the song "Howl" and how some worried parents could have that relate with sex but they probably were reading Ginsberg so it's just enough hypocritical to be funny.


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