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GHTBL Playoffs: From Friday (8/11) Until The End

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Comic Book Mixtape #1, July 2023 (ft: Popscars, Spy Superb, Darkwing Duck, Know Your Station, Mr Easta & The Rocketeer)

Music Review // Wes McClintock "Open Dream"

Baseball Review //
Rainbow Graphics, 0
East Hartford Jets, 2
Vernon Orioles, 2
M&T Bank, 7
August 9th, 2023
at Palmer Field, Middletown CT
Playoffs Round 2

Music Review // King Analog "King Analog"

Baseball Review //
Bristol Greeners, 2
Vernon Orioles, 3
M&T Bank, 4
Record-Journal Expos, 1
August 8th, 2023
at Palmer Field, Middletown CT
Playoffs Round 1