Music Review // Elyse Aeryn "Cowboy"


Elyse Aeryn has this fire inside of her.  "Cowboy" is this rockin' country type of song that brings me back to Paula Cole, Sheryl Crow and just a time when music on the radio was different.   Along with this sound comes an attitude, which is shown during this music video.  From being around a campfire to riding horses to punching bad guys in the face, this very much feels like what  cowboy would do.

There is a certain mindset to being a cowboy and I think this song captures it perfectly.  There are lines in this song "When I need justice / Someone I can trust in" and it just makes me think of a show like "Walker Texas Ranger" or back when Clint Eastwood was in films like "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly".   I feel like, in a lot of ways, the way that cowboys are portrayed in mainstream media now isn't as cool as it was back then.  

During the chorus there is this line which repeats that says "I'm in love with the freedom" and the more you listen to it, the more you get into verses, the more you begin to feel like Elyse Aeryn isn't just singing about a cowboy she loves but that she is also a cowboy because she partakes in these activities.  But at the end, the big lyric reveal is: "And the cowboy is me".  This is actually a really powerful message to send with this song.

From the start to finish of this music video you can tell that the main character is a cowboy and they are on a path to save someone.   As it turns out, by the end, they are saving themselves.   And this just says so much about how not only should you love yourself but you should be okay being alone.  Don't grow up dreaming about marrying a cowboy or a lawyer or a politician or rock star or whatever-- grow up dreaming about being that person yourself.  That's the message to take from this song.  


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