Music Review //

The sound of dwi is somewhere between a rock band and something else that is electronic but also radio friendly.   Musically right away I think of this as sounding somewhere between Twenty One Pilots and the Folk Implosion, which just gives you an idea of how it can sound like it's being made in a studio but also feels so organic at the same time. 

While the song is about showing off your scars- with the chorus being: "Show you my scars if you show me yours"- I really think that it feels triumphant, in a way of overcoming.  Your scars can be actual marks on your body but at the same time it can have symbolic meaning for any trauma you may have in your past that will always be there.  

In this way, the song is uplifting because it doesn't feel like we're dwelling on it or repeating patterns, but rather moving away from it, admitting it happened but not letting it happen again.  So while this does feel like a depressing subject on some levels, overall the song is going to help spread positivity.

Along the lines of Sub Urban and the song "Cradles" I could definitely hear this song being played on the modern rock radio station here.  It just has that really unique and distinct sound to it that when it comes on you know immediately what it is.  But also the way the lyrics can actually help people means this song should be out there in the mainstream for all to not only hear but also to help heal.  


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