Music Review //
Puma June
"Lost Years"

"Lost Years" starts of slow and mellow and just keeps that pace throughout the song.  There are piano keys and a soothing voice, which help this song to just feel so naturally calming.  Between the lyrics, the music and even the video all three of these factors seem to come together to help you listen to this song and find some sort of peace.

Lyrically this song sings about the title, in the sense of "These are the lost years of my life".   It's reflective with lines asking questions such as: "What have I become? Nothing like I thought I'd be / "What have I become? Reaching for stability"  It's funny when I think about how old my parents must have been when they had me and then to think about how they had real jobs, a house, etc and I'm at that age and don't.

I think we unfairly compare ourselves a lot with other people and it's not always about where we are versus where someone else is or even where we want to be.  We need to look at where we are versus where we were.  Hopefully we're all going forward and making progress.  But I feel the "Lost Years" because in many ways that's what your 20s can be like.  If I knew then what i know now, I would've done so much differently.

Slow beats and a music video with faces and water just make this feel so tranquil.   This isn't the type of song you're going to put on for energy in the sense of driving, but it is for a different type of power such as meditation.  You can hear this one to start off your day on the right track by putting the past behind you and your best foot forward.