Music Review //
"Desert Power"

This album starts off with the sounds of strings and electronics.   It feels like a symphony at first, but it can turn quickly into that twang that makes you think it's almost country.  "Maybe" has some monotone singing where as the third song brings out the beats with what feels like programmed singing in the sense that you'd hit a key on a keyboard and the "ahhhh" comes out as you hold it down.

The third song also likes to say "Have a nice day" while "Strife" has a the hook of "We just need to take our time".   It reminds me a bit of Twenty One Pilots at this point, but only briefly.   Video game tones and growling voices shape the song "Hypertribe" and it just feels like it glitches out by the end.  "Playful Thinking" has a slow hiss start but turns into JAWS.

"Digital Music Therapy" has singing and it feels more mechanical in the beats.  There are flight instructions- how to be a passenger- on "Flying" and then a sweet, sweet sax on "Dreams".   Laser blasts and steady beats make up "Freeform" while sonar type whirrs with steady beats go into "Well".   By the end the video game beats feel even bigger while it takes us through an Atari2600 type of stage.

This album is mostly instrumental, but not completely.   It is mostly electronic, but again is not completely.  There are times when it spans genres such as synthwave, chillwave, electronica, hip hop and vaporwave but where it lands really depends upon the song.  It definitely helps this album to sound unique, as it crosses different genres to find its own.


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