Cassette Review //
"Conjugate Regions"

This cassette begins with some sharp ringing.  Whirrs come in behind that and they start to twist to where it can begin to sound as if it is a seal.   A whistle or flute also blows through the transmission now.  There are real alien vibes in here as well.   It's become somewhat of a hum and I hear faint horns.  Vocal scrapes slide through now.   Swirling through what feel like muted vocals now, as the sharpness is fading but still there.

Sounds like lights and it just feels like we've shifted into an experimentation now.  Not in the sound, but as if we're in an actual laboratory.   Tones come through now almost like a fax machine.   Keys like car horns now and the sound begins to gallop.   It trills now and there is also just that rattle.   There is some growling in this but also sounds like glass.   Birds are chirping now, making it feel like the morning.   As it reaches an end it just feels like deflated jazz.

On the flip side we open with the sound of a fly buzzing.  Rapid fire electronics now, as if they are glitching and then that sound of glass again.   Electronics come in now and feel a bit like a video game, even a bit like pinball.   There are those scrapes as well.   Bings and beeps now.   There is a horn coming through now and it adds a melody to the madness.  

Horns come through now in a beeping way and then they begin to scramble.   It drops off a little bit quieter, but feels like JAWS.  There is still some scraping and then that sonar comes in and expands, putting us somewhere between an alien sci-fi movie and something scary like "The Thing".   The electronics are going up and down now, screeching to a halt but then also just soaring back up.  

The horns have returned, giving it that broken jazz sound once again.   The ball bounces, the metal rattles, the glass shakes.   Some whooshes and crashes going on.  The whirr is hypnotic.  Someone is out of breath.   Words are coming through in fragments.   It feels like a radio station now and then that scraping is there again.  Pulsating.   That warm hum seems to glow as it radiates.  It grows quieter, almost like drone, but it feels as if we're being hunted.


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