Music Review //

According to Kaleight, a "Situationship" is "less than a relationship, but more than a friendship" and I've probably had a few of those in my life but just don't remember them right now.  This song also goes on to note that situationships suck and that makes sense because you're just kind of in limbo between two different things.

This song has big rock sounds which converge on metal.   This reminds me of artists such as Evanescence, One-Eyed Doll, Flyleaf and Eyes Set To Kill.  It's big crunchy guitar chords and just that power that controls you while also just thinking of Kaleigh performing this while dressed all in leather.  Kind of Kiss but less facepaint.

At one point in this song all of the music just seems to sort of swirl together and Kaleigh lets out a "Fuck!" in frustration and so even though this could be seen as a song made out of anger it also has those real emotions that go with it.  I definitely enjoy how that humanizes everything about this song as well.

I live through the dating scene by other people now but with television and movies I see a lot of people saying "Well I don't like to put a label on things" and I've always just felt like if that was the case then you're not committing and someone is going to end up getting hurt.  I suppose that is what a situationship is.  


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