Music Review //
"Heart Stopping Kinda Show"


Sometimes to have a big sound in rock music is just to turn your amp up the loudest and play a big power chord on your guitar.  DeWolff has a different kind of big sound within their rock n roll, as they seem to utilize many different instruments to come together for one song.  This is the type of sound my parents grew up with so I was used to hearing it growing up as well.

With keys and an overall sound of classic rock, DeWolff reminds me of The Gadjits and every other band I've ever compared them with since they switched sounds on their third album.  There is that element of gospel in here and it makes sense because in some way music should be religious to the point that going to a show feels like hearing a sermon- the sound is your savior.

Interestingly enough the lyrics play on this idea as all band members sing the chorus line of "Heart stopping kinda show" in unison.   The line which pairs with this is: "You gotta tune in to save your soul", which plays into the concept of this being like a church.  It also reminds me of how more in the past than now people used to think that rock music was created by the devil and this sort of leans into that.

The music video is a performance of this song so you can see how all of the pieces of horns and everything come together.   In terms of film, this really reminds me of the film "Almost Famous", which also takes me back to a time when music was a little bit different in terms of how the live aspect was also important with buying the album.  Even in their style, DeWolff seems to pay tribute to this and it is much needed in this day and age.