Cassette Review //
(Hand'Solo Records)

One thing which this cassette has taught me is that I don't know a lot about the band Radiohead.   The concept behind this cassette is that there are the songs of Radiohead musically but with the rapping of Pasquale over them.   To show how minimal my Radiohead knowledge is, as songs behind the songs I only recognized two of the Radiohead originals: "Creep" (which I think everyone knows) and "Paranoid Android", mostly because it has such a rad music video.

In my teens I hung out with people because we had similar music interests.   There was this one friend who was into the same type of music we'd see live, but they were also obsessed with Radiohead and just thought that they were the greatest band ever.  I've never really wanted to have that type of relationship with Radiohead, but this cassette has made me decide to listen to all of the Radiohead albums at least once just to see what I might be missing.

From pretty nursery rhyme sounds to big Casio vibes, Pasquale drops lines like The Rock and also manages to bring out those video game vibes.   At times, this makes me think of Gym Class Heroes because of the overall sound of it but then that makes me think about how much they might've been influenced by Radiohead as well.   Still, I'm proof that even if you only know the bare minimum about Radiohead you can still enjoy this cassette.


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