Music Review //
Rick Christian
"In Dreams"


As much as this song is about dreams, it is also about time.   There is a line in the chorus which says: "In dreams where there is no time" and that kind of hit my hard because it's true.  You can sleep and have a dream that feels like a half hour but you wake up two hours later.  And you can also take a forty minute nap but have a dream that lasts for weeks.  

Through synths, drum machine beats and just an overall sound of this song being blissed out we go into what can be dreamwave on "In Dreams".   It's just one of those songs where the lyrics and mood of it are also set by the music itself- they just go together.   And it just makes sense to have a song about dreams be dreamy in its sound.

The idea between time and dreams is that there isn't enough in life so that if we're together in our dreams we can spend more time together.  Isn't it funny too how you can dream about places that you've never been- places that don't even exist?  How is this possible!  It feels like dreams can somewhat act as their own reality and Rick Christian really plays on that here.

While this song might not be completely shoegaze, it could still end up on a compilation or in a nice mix with similar artists such as Screen Vinyl Image, Rev Rev Rev, Music For Headphones and Dead Leaf Echo- just a lot of those whenthesunhits bands.   Whether it is in time or in dreams, this song just feels like it will help you get lost in the best possible way.


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