Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Music Review //
"Burn Our Bridges Down"


There exists an old saying about not burning bridges and sometimes we have to admit that what was once said and repeated over many, many years is just not right.  I think that there are definitely times when one should burn bridges and that sentiment also comes through in this song by RIELL, as it is both the title and in the chorus.

Big, distorted guitar chords start and stop to accompany this singing in an industrial pop rock type of way.   I'm reminded of SHAED and the song "Trampoline" but very little else in the modern aspect of music comes to mind here.  Artists could be in this mix such as a Polly Scattergood or PJ Harvey, but they are so well blended together that it just makes this overall powerful song by RIELL.

Different songs have different seasons and this one being released in winter definitely has that winter feel to it.   Also, there is this line: "You'll need the heat / It's winter now" which just makes it come together all that much more.  This sort of justifies the burning of bridges in the sense that it is for a practical use and that just makes it more impactful.

The lyrics to this song might help point you in the right direction as to whether or not it is time to burn some bridges because if something is toxic enough you should never try and go back to it.  Far too often we leave ourselves open to these ideas and other people that are not good for us but we just think we can change them.  Let the music of RIELL guide you should you need to distance yourself from your demons.

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