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"Sexy Boy Champain"

From the start and throughout the entire song, Kinga brings that nonstop dance beat on "Sexy Boy Champain".   This makes me think of songs such as "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive and even on some other scale it feels like Right Said Fred.  This is particularly fitting because Right Said Fred is perhaps best known for their "I'm Too Sexy" song, which has the same vibes as being a Sexy Boy.

Back when "I'm Too Sexy" first came out I actually bought that full Right Said Fred cassette.  I've never really heard anything like that sound before and it hasn't really been in the mainstream since.   Having Kinga create this sound of a dance club hit just feels like something not a lot of artists are doing, so there is definitely a place for it, but Kinga should also be the blueprint for it as well.   At some point on modern pop radio- say after 11pm- this song should be played.  

The lyrics of this song are about exactly what you would expect.  There are lines about being in the backseat as well as "Feels so right it can't be wrong".   I think that makes this song just feel like a club hit because it's so care-free and just out there to dance without really worrying about anything else going on in the world, just having that confidence.

Kinga has more of a spoken voice in the verses and singing in the chorus but I still just hear this one under the bright lights yet dark dance floor, lots of energy, lots of sweat and just the way you would picture a rave back in the 1990's but with a more modern twist now.  This just feels like such a strong dance anthem and we need more of those.  


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