Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Music Review // iskwē "End Of It All"

Through blissed out tones, iskwē finds a way to create music which feels like elements of rock, pop and R&B combined.   There isn't really a comparison for this sound and the way that the vocals as if they're being sung in unison by so many different people all at once just also makes it stand out.

The lyrics of this song suggest a relationship which was at first going through a rough spot so measures were taken to try and save it but it ended up not working out.   I feel like this is an important lesson for life.  It's not naïve and you're not stupid for trying to make something work, but when you've exhausted all of the options and it just doesn't seem to be viable then you have to know when to walk away.

At the same time, people shouldn't be so easy to give up.  I think of life in terms of relationships and many other aspects of it in the same way that a doctor would a patient.  If that patient dies, you want to be able to say that you did all within your power that you could to try and save them.  There's no failure in trying everything and having it not work.   At that point it's just fate.  

Whether you want to listen to an upbeat song that feels like jumping rope or you want to contemplate your life and question whether or not you're giving it your all, "End Of It All" could be something you'll want to listen to.   Even if you don't want to get that deep with it, this song is just a lot of fun to listen to musically.  

Music Review // Baby Jey "What's The Point Of Saying Sorry"

As soon as this song starts, you can hear these synth tones that come through in such dance club way that I feel even without the singing this would be such a fun song to hear.   In music only, this song could come on at any time I would feel compelled to move along with it.  

The lyrics ask the question in the title and add on "If we're making love right now" and I suppose if you've moved on it doesn't matter but sometimes that admission of regret or wrong-doing is just something someone wants to hear.  But the care-free let's move past it attitude is exactly what this song brings on so it only makes sense to not say sorry.

Musically this song could be pop with those R&B elements like The Weeknd or just something flat out from a dance club vibe.   But I also hear sounds in here of rock, with bands such as Foxy Shazam and The Mooney Suzuki coming through.  I'm not saying it sounds exactly like them because the rock element is more hidden but it is still there.

Baby Jey has created a very fun and soulful song which should get you on the dance floor.  When you're thinking about it logically, you might have some discourse as to why saying you're sorry is important.   But this isn't about that.  This whole vibe is just about letting those thoughts go, letting yourself go and just getting lost in this sound.  

Monday, October 30, 2023

Music Review // Norma MacDonald "The Heart Wants"

The music of Norma MacDonald is rock with a bit of country in it.   The ratio is something that changes throughout the song and by the end there's this electronic part which seems to launch off into space, just even further making the overall sound different.   But there are strong elements of that twang which makes me think of country music.

On the grand scale of things, this song reminds me of Counting Crows.  And not just because of lines like "And it's just another day here in this town" but because of the overall mood of the music as well.   Throughout this song there is also this sound of bells.  I'm not sure what the proper name is for it, but when percussionists have that leather strap with all the bells on it, that sound of being hit is what feels like it's in this song.

The lyrics can feel fairly straight forward, with the line of "The heart wants what it wants", but I feel like this is still a message which needs to be put into the world.  Far too often I feel like in modern times anyone who has a negative opinion of something is seen as a "hater" and can in many ways become bullied.  But it's okay to not like things and, in a respectful manner, more people need to embrace that.

When it comes to music whether or not you like a song can often be based on what the heart wants.   Norma MacDonald has created a song here though that whatever other labels you want to put on it, this is just easy on the ears.   If you put this one on during a party I don't think anyone would object but I feel rather like people would be tapping their feet along with it.  

Music Review // Fellow Camper "Satellites" (feat. Meredith Moon)

Right away I enjoy the sound of Fellow Camper because not only is it unique but it fits the whole idea of the name Fellow Camper.   This song has a focus on vocals over everything else, as they are the loudest part of the song, but it feels like there are some acoustics behind it.  Now there also feels like there is some light percussion, but otherwise this could be that type of campground song.

Even more than just thinking about this being played with an acoustic guitar around a campfire, you have to imagine this song as being so isolated in the woods.  But you're surrounded by the trees except for directly above you where this exists this hole.   And through that hole you can see the black night sky with all of the stars and other wonders in space on full display..

I love how this entire mood can be set by the song but also there is a chorus of "And we turn" repeated.   As much as you can feel relaxed being at nature and just the whole idea of what I've already set up for this song, the idea of being a satellite in space and turning just also can make you feel like such a small part and large part of this universe at the same time.  

It's odd but you have to imagine how many people exist in this world, like stars in the sky, and how many of them know who you are.  Not a lot, right?  Which makes you feel small and unimportant.   But then, when you think about it in the perspective of those who do know who you are, well that just makes it all that much more special and you should feel more important to them and them to you. 

Friday, October 27, 2023

Music Review // ROKI "Hands Up"

The power of music is revealed with ROKI.   "Hands Up" begins as this blues type song with these guitars that just make you feel as if you're walking into something somewhere between a blues club in New Orleans and also somewhat like a night club where someone like Jessica Rabbit would be singing.

As the verse has a certain sound, the chorus can come in with these horns which makes me feel like this is a slower ska song or even something from the older No Doubt discography.   In a modern sense I'm reminded of artists such as Adele (when she did that "Rumor Has It" song) and Amy Winehouse, though there isn't anyone out there right now that I know of creating music quite like ROKI.

The idea of this song being "Hands Up" and those words being in the chorus just gives this an overall vibe as well.   When I hear songs like this I have a certain way of thinking, like Dick Tracy, and so to have those certain type of hats with suits and tommy guns... that whole idea is just what this feels like this song is from.  So having the coppers come in and say "Hands up!" to a bunch of gangstas just feels so fitting.

Whether you can get into those days of Al Capone or not, this song has a way about it where you can just groove with it.  It's at a moderate pace, so to playlist it between something slower and something faster to bring the pace back up would be ideal.   This is just that type of sound which covers so many genres it begins to have no genre even though it feels like it very much should be easily placed.  

Music Review // WAASH "There's Never Enough Voices"

The sound of WAASH is fast paced and it feels like punk rock but not.  I'm pretty sure this is what would be referred to as post punk, as elements of Billy Idol, The Cure and even Tom Petty somehow come out within this sound.   It has a moment where it kicks and there's also a sweet guitar solo.

Perhaps this is post punk or some sort of -wave because when I hear it I think about bands who came out in the 1980's and 1990's, on cassette, and had this type of sound.   Though not entirely the same it fits in well with a band such as Modern English.   If you were compiling songs from 1982 (when "I'll Stop the World to Melt With You" came out) and put this on there many wouldn't be the wiser.

In the present tense this reminds me a lot of Midnight Psychic, but there aren't really a lot of other bands out there right now making this sound.  It's almost borderline goth as well, and that's one of those aspects to it where I feel like it's in the minority of music right now because that's just something that is overall not out there as much as it could be.

Whether it feels like this type of music isn't out there enough or at all, the fact is that WAASH have a song right now that fits a lot of genres that I like.   If you want to playlist this song with a number of other punk songs it will fit right in.   But if you also want to put it with the spooky/scary type of Halloween songs it will feel right at home there as well. 

Music Review // Eddie Berman "First of Spring (Keira's Song)"


Eddie Berman has crafted a gentle song about his daughter with "First of Spring (Keira's Song)".    The soft acoustics and solemn voice make me think of a cross somewhere between Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson.   This song is quiet enough and not invasive enough that it could be played for the youngest of children.

One of the biggest things that people don't talk about enough in parenting is how sometimes your mind thinks "OMG what if the ceiling comes crashing down on them when they're asleep" and other times it's "Well, I made it this far- as a child to now- to it's no big deal".   Sometimes it's relaxed and sometimes the anxiety is there and I feel like this song also embraces both of those sides of it.  

While the lyrics at one point say that they won't worry, the next line is about how they won't hurry and those are both aspects of parenting that need to be talked about more.   At some point we have to let our children just be less protected because we can't always be there to shelter them and that's part of growing up and all of that.   At the same time, you don't want to rush into that idea of pushing them out of the nest if they're not ready to fly yet.

Whether or not you are a parent, you should be able to relate with this song.   At one point in time, we were all children and so we all have (or had) parents.   As this music video shows the song being played inside while the kids play outside it just goes to show how time keeps moving and we can't always keep a watchful eye over our children, but if we raise them right then hopefully we do not need to.  

Music Review // King Falcon "Everybody's Down"


As soon as you press play on this one you'll hear a guitar chord that will carry you throughout the entire song.   The energy in this one is off the charts and as this is the opening track of the King Falcon self-titled album it feels like an appropriate way to usher you into their sound.  But to have this as the start of a rock playlist that you create would also be recommended.

This song discusses being an outcast and just that down on your luck type of person, which I feel like many people were growing up.   But it also expands upon that idea.  It's the thought that yes, life got me down and tried to make me give up, but I'm still here and I don't care what you think.   And partly for the respect and partly for the admiration of not caring what other people think, everybody is down.

Throughout this music video, there are visuals of the band playing this song through red, green and blue backgrounds.   During these, the band members are also usually silhouettes, which is a nice reflection of the song.  Whether or not we realize it, a lot of us judge musicians by how they look and so to have that image of them obscured to where you can't judge them based on their clothes etc that just goes along with the entire theme of the song.  

Whether you want to listen to a song which just really makes a statement musically or just a song which is fast, loud and guaranteed to fire you up, King Falcon has the perfect song for you with "Everybody's Down".   There are also this small element of blues in here, which can lead to further pondering if you like, but most importantly just turn this one on and turn it up.

Music Review // Mighty Glad "Mighty Glad"


Right away, you will be able to hear the beautiful harmonies on this album.   The songs come through at times as folk, gospel, blues and most importantly they have a lot of soul.  I'm reminded of an artist such as Hozier, but there are also older influences which can be taken from in here but that comes out with more of the blues sound as well.   Modern music with this much soul just feels so hard to come by these days.

"All The Way" is a definite blues song that gets me going.  "I Quit Again" has a slower, ballad feel to it but the soul really comes through as well.  Those blues guitars continue through "Rise", as the chorus sings "We rise / We rise / We rise / We fade into the night / as one".  I really like how this sound also has these lyrics which could cause an uprising and just represents such unity.  

When we get into "Send Me A Message" it slows down and can feel like a hymn.  Those soulful blues keys come out in "I'll Keep The Light" and at times the music can feel like it's rambling.  If you're into music that has those rock undertones but comes out as blues, folk or just any amount of soul then it definitely feels like Mighty Glad is something you can connect with.

My favorite part about this album is that the music feels so spiritual.  To me, music should be a spiritual experience.  But within these songs, Mighty Glad never sings about religion, but some of the lyrics could be taken to mean such things.  In this way it can appeal to those who want to see it in a religious light, but at the same time it's not going to push away those who don't and just want to appreciate it for the music and take other meaning into it.  

Music Review // Bad Veins "Wendy"

When I think about people named Wendy the first two who come to mind are from "Peter Pan" and "Casper The Friendly Ghost".   Bad Veins has a song here which seems to be about someone specific named Wendy in their life, but when I hear lines like "You're my only friend" I can't help but think of Casper still.

Somewhat synthpop, somewhat synth rock, Bad Veins has a fairly upbeat style to this sound though it also can feel dark because this song is, ultimately, about missing someone.   It reminds me of Blue October but also The Killers.   There is a certain anthem-like style to the way this all sounds.   When it comes to missing someone, this could definitely be the anthem for that as we all have a Wendy somewhere out there.

This music video is quite lovely in how it represents the song.  We can see someone playing the music and singing, but at the same time there is this footage of a woman who we assume is Wendy playing as well.   The visuals of Wendy look like they're being played on an old projector, as they also cover over other images, and it just gives this idea of someone watching these old home  movies and feeling nostalgic.  Even if we don't have the precise physical tools, our memories can act like this film.

The chorus of "Wendy" takes on the deepest meaning, as it sings "Wendy I grow more afraid / I'm drifting further every day".   We mustn't just think about this song in terms of missing someone but also to the extent that as we lose contact with people we slowly begin to forget them, to drift away.   When this is unwanted it can become painful and so I feel that this song by Bad Veins should serve as a reminder to keep in touch so you don't have to miss people you care about.

Music Review // Marcelo Maccagnan "Long Ago" (ft Danielle Cormier)

The sound of Marcelo Maccagnan on this song can be acoustic-based but it really has this full sound which can take over an entire room.   It's very uplifting in its sound, angelic even, and you can hear the electric guitar, percussion and bass but that acoustic guitar and vocals just take over.

Though Marcelo Maccagnan handles the musical side of this song, those beautiful vocals are from Danielle Cormier and that just adds a whole other layer to this song.   For reasons I cannot fully explain but just something which is in my head is that I feel like this song should be on the soundtrack to "Batman Forever".

This music video has images of Marcelo Maccagnan playing the acoustic guitar while singing but then also these colors just swirl around in a circle.  This overall music video vibe just reminds me of something which would've been on MTV in the 1990's and I enjoy that the song and video work so well together.

While there may not be a specific genre for this song to fall into, if you're into music which can feel empowering, calm and hectic at the same time and overall just motivate you to do whatever it is you need to do, then this is for you.   This is one of the strongest energies I've ever felt from a song and it's not even that fast paced.  

Music Review // King Falcon "King Falcon"


King Falcon has a sound that showcases the various aspects of rock n roll on their self-titled album.    It starts off distorted and reminds me of bands such as The Kinks, The Hives and The Cars.   There is a bit of that "What I Like About You" feel here, as I just imagine King Falcon as being a fun band, jumping around the stage as they play their music live and getting the crowd moving along with it as well.

Within ll of this energy comes the guitars.   "Rabbit Gets The Gun" is one of the songs on here which really has that guitar-driven sound that also can just feel so powerful.  "Soul Sucker" has the starts and stops while "Ride" is fairly catchy.  "My Name Is" brings out a bit of the blues, which is that range I was talking about, and by "On Your Soul" there is more of a pop punk feeling which reminds me of Yellowcard.

As the album comes to an end, "Go On" is a bit slower so it feels like we're ending on a ballad, though it is only slow in comparison with the other songs on this album.  One thing about music I think many artists miss these days is an album shouldn't just feel like a collection of songs.  There should be a method in which the songs make you feel- the ups and down, highs and lows.  King Falcon has that pacing down to where this feels like a perfect rock album.

If you're a casual music listener to where you enjoy rock music but don't like to think or talk about it too much, then this album has a lot of surface value where you'll just hear things which appeal to you.   But if you really like to get into music, the range of King Falcon will leave you impressed.  The second time through this album you'll hear things you didn't the first time.  On top of the music, the lyrics will also eventually get you too.  

Live Music Review //
Xiu Xiu / Mountain Movers
October 23rd, 2023
at The Space Ballroom, Hamden CT

Additional photos can be found in a Facebook album here :::


This entire day felt like everything was working against me trying to get to this show, but by the time it was around 7pm I got it all together and headed out.   This show stayed fairly true to its time as the doors were open when I got there.   Mountain Movers took the stage right around 8pm and the placed was packed.  I'm not one who is into big crowds and this was definitely a big crowd.  It wasn't at capacity, but it was pretty close.

I hadn't seen the Mountain Movers since back when they played the Shirese record release show, but I really feel like they have that type of sound which translates best live and I should be taking every opportunity I can to see them, even if it means driving up to MA some times.   Their sound is loud, trippy and melodic.  

Some songs by the Mountain Movers seem to have a lot of vocals and are shorter, while others are longer and more music heavy.  They also seem to encompass everything in between.  This entire live set had the crowd in the palm of their hand, as there was just so much energy in The Space Ballroom.  People were packed in, but they were mostly all respectful of each other and they were definitely all deeply into the music.

Mountain Movers played for around forty minutes and then by 9pm, after a break in between, Xiu Xiu took the stage.  I don't know how they did it (I'm glad that they did) bu Xiu Xiu played for about seventy minutes before coming back for an encore of one last song.   While I don't mind shows with four or five artists playing sets (or even three) if having only two artists means that the artists play longer then I'm all for it.

I have been listening to Xiu Xiu for what feels like twenty years now and this was my first time seeing them live.   They brought such an energy as a trio that I couldn't imagine how sad I would've been had I missed this show.  Let's face it: Music isn't always kind.  You can listen to a musical artist for ten plus years, finally see them live and then wish you had stuck with the memories of them because their live performance might be less than expected.

Xiu Xiu delivered in every way possible.  Their set was so quiet at times people seemed uncomfortable.   Their set was so loud at times- with Jamie Stewart screaming into the microphone- that you could see people in the crowd get the jump scare.  And it was just everything else under the sun from heavy songs to songs that made me want to dance.  

Perhaps the most noticeable quality of this set was that even though there was a full drum kit being played behind them, both Jamie Stewart and Angela Seo had cymbals and other forms of percussion near them to play.   This was a really, really percussion heavy set and I loved that about it as well.   Often times listening to artists such as Xiu Xiu on a recording you don't know how certain sounds are made but experiencing this live was in some ways like learning how a magician does their tricks.

The one thing which Xiu Xiu and other artists of their stature can have working against them is that they have so many albums, just so much music out there, that if you were going into this show hoping to hear a certain song you might not have heard it.   However, my absolute favorite Xiu Xiu album is "Girl with Basket of Fruit".  I wasn't sure they were going to do it, but their last song before the encore they played the title track.

Up until that point, I had it in my mind that I really enjoyed this set even if they didn't play that song and that was just going to be how it was.  So to bring it out at the end was like this spark ignited in me when I was about to submit.  In some ways, this was a much better feeling than if they had played this song earlier in the set.  And the entire time, the crowd was fully into everything Xiu Xiu did.   If you ever have the chance to see Xiu Xiu perform live, you should 100% take it.   There will be no regrets.  

Xiu Xiu can be found on the web here :::


Mountain Movers can be found on Bandcamp here :::


The Space Ballroom can be found on the web here :::


Thursday, October 26, 2023

Music Review // Sunshine Express "I LUV SEX"

If I knew this was what I was going to be getting into when watching a video called "I LUV SEX", I might have been more prepared.   Sunshine Express begins this video with the words "We are all dying".   They go on, through text on the screen, to explain how as we get older we change and many of us have that to look forward to, but some don't.   They say how the number of cases of terminal illness in children has gone up over the years.

What they say is true though because if you're not affected directly by this, many people don't really think about terminal illness in children.   So Sunshine Express put together a show for a number of these children and this song was from that.  Listening to the lyrics and the song in general I still am not sure why this is the title.

Musically, this starts off sounding like Twenty One Pilots but then it has this guitar distortion that switches into this shoegaze sound.   It combines dance with the loudness and I'm just so much into this song for the sound of it.   The lyrics ask about being someone else for the night and it's a good way to sort of take these kids out of what they're going through and giving them this positive experience.

I'm not saying we all need to walk around every day constantly thinking about death, but I do feel like one of the biggest tragedies in this life is the children who are taken too soon.  They don't even get the chance to experience things that many of us take for granted.  We need to talk about it more.   We need to work harder on preventing it from happening.   And if this music video and song brings awareness to that then it should be shared around just for that.  

Music Review // Jimmy Rankin "Harvest Highway"

Jimmy Rankin has created one the best driving songs that I hope becomes a part of playlists as much as "Life is a Highway" is.   Through acoustic rock and the sounds of Americana along the lines of Neil Young and Sheryl Crow, this song is about driving on the surface but obviously the lyrics can be read into a bit deeper as well.

But just the way that this music moves and the lyrics are about missing exits makes me feel like the best time to listen to this song is while driving.  It can especially provide comfort in a cross country drive or just whenever you might be crossing state lines.  There is just something very down to earth about this song that makes it one for the road.

When you consider how many songs exist and how few of them have this way about them of driving, this really does make "Harvest Highway" feel special.  The lyrics might say things like: "I'm feeling older" but you could also just use that as a point of reference if it feels like you've been driving down the same road for way too long.

Everything except for the nice trucker part in this song really makes me think about the literal fact of being out there driving and just the path we take in life.   Everything can feel quite easy to compare, and with this song Jimmy Rankin makes it easy, but even if you don't ever drive or ride anywhere, you can still hear this song as part of your life journey.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Music Review // Eunice Keitan "Cobalt Sea"

The sound of Eunice Keitan is one of pure pop beauty.   "Cobalt Sea" has this way of feeling light, musically, and it just feels like everyone would enjoy this song as well, as the overall tone of it is pleasant.   It can be fast moving in the pace, steady, and much like the ocean itself, somewhat unpredictable.

One thing that I am perhaps as obsessed with / curious about as space is the ocean.  It's so vast that you never really know what all is going on with it.   Eunice Keitan has the chorus hook in this song of: "I am an anchor in this ocean / You have no power over me" and when you consider how the ocean can feel so unruly yet an anchor can hold things down so strongly, this becomes quite powerful.  

Those waves and storms you might find at sea can be compared with the trials and tribulations one could experience during life.  But your feet stay firmly planted on the ground.  You cannot be stopped.   Lyrically, I very much enjoy this concept.  This music video also has this way of showing just stunning visuals throughout of the beach, Eunice Keitan and just the ocean itself.  

Before the end of this song there is a fairly large musical break down, just showcasing the range.  This sound isn't one that's easy to think of because it doesn't have a strong sound of guitar or drums, but it does still feel like pop but not overly catchy.   I definitely feel like people who can hear this song will like it especially if you happen to also be a fan of the ocean.  

Music Review // CON THE ARTIST "Life Of The Party"

CON THE ARTIST has a way of blending pop with elements of rock and hip hop.   This has that sort of AJR feel to it, in a radio sense, but it also just exists on some other levels which would have it standing out on the radio.  Hearing this song, hearing this sound, you should just be able to relate it with CON THE ARTIST because it doesn't seem to sound like anything else.

This song is a lot of fun because it explores how a couple can have a relationship and be different when together than with other people.  The song specifically talks about how to you, his girlfriend might seem polite and quiet, but with him she's the life of the party.   When together, she can be naughty and more uninhabited.   It's always the quiet ones.

During the course of this music video, you can see a mannequin going from being unreal to an actual living human.   In some ways, this music video reminds me of the film "Lars and the Real Girl".   It's just that idea that when you go to someone else's house for dinner or some other event, she seems to quiet and not life-like.   But when they're together, she comes alive and is more of herself.

In some broad sense of the lyrics, I think this song has a lot to do with social anxiety as well.  The idea of being comfortable around one person and letting more of your true self out and being less comfortable in a group setting is something that is also very real.   I am someone who gets a lot of anxiety in large groups of people in general, so this is just a good anthem for the socially awkward as well.  

Live Music Review //
YAWNi / Haunt The House / George Hakkila /
Marie Carroll x Autumn Asbridge / Neonach

October 21st, 2023
at Willimantic Records, Willimantic CT

Additional photos can be found in an album on Facebook here :::


It had been a little while since we were last at Willimantic Records.  The September FIM show ended up earlier than expected and so we missed that.   But while planning to be at the October FIM show, this show just happened to come up a week before so it means going to Willimantic Records two Saturdays in a row but that's never a bad thing.  It's especially worth it to go out of your way to see these musicians.

This show started with Neonach, who was a duo at this time.   When I previously saw Neonach at Grey Matter Books it was a solo set but this one featured another percussion who played a small amount of percussion and handled some singing.  Neonach is improvisational, ambient, sometimes droning sometimes trippy and just an overall sound that can fill up the room and beyond.  The way this music sets the atmosphere just really resonates.

Marie Carroll was joined by Autumn Asbridge on flute for the second set.   Marie Carroll continues to fascinate and amaze people with the koto bass, which it feels like every time someone has to ask what it is (and, yes, one time it was me) and it's just such a large instrument in size but also it creates these sounds which can resemble other instruments but not fully so you get this original sound that feels so soothing but also suspenseful.

I have previously seen Autumn Asbridge with Trance Macabre and so this was a duet I never knew I needed but the two sounds just went so well together.  Sometimes one instrument would take a break, giving the other a solo, but then it would come right back in.  They somehow ended at the same time, but only about thirteen minutes in, so after feeling like it was over they did a seven minute encore for about a twenty minute set which was just lovely.  

The third set of this show featured George Hakkila, who I hadn't seen since back when he played here with Moving Targets.   Everyone had these very concise sets of twenty minutes or so.   George Hakkila played what felt like eight or ten songs, but his songs are short so they didn't really go on for too long either.   It's this upbeat kind of folk way which really kind of shifted the energy in the record store.

The first two artists were both instrumental and somewhat droning at times while improvised (though they could also bring the chaos)   Having that singing while strumming the acoustic guitar felt like flipping a switch in contrast, and so it was nice to see the pacing of the show change.  I fully believe music should provide variety and it can be obtained in this modern scene so when it does happen I'm happy for it.

Following George Hakkila was Haunt The House who also played an acoustic guitar while singing.   One song featured a harmonica, but in contrast to George Hakkila, Haunt The House was slower, more prodding like Jeff Buckley or Chris Isaac.   Haunt The House just had such a great melody, while somewhat dark (hence the haunted part of the name) but also such a beautiful voice, singing about divorces, wedding vows and his late brother.

The afternoon was closed out by YAWNi who played perhaps the loudest set of the day.   Musically, YAWNi just has this rock n roll soul with beautiful vocals coming through that seemed to captivate the audience.   There was melody, there were guitar solos and it overall just had this sound that I imagine someone walking by hearing and it pulling them in.   On recording, YAWNi can have more of a full band sound but even in a solo capacity the underlying magic in this music remains.  

One of my favorite parts about this show was just the way the music sounded between Neonach, who played first, and YAWNi, who closed out the show.  No two artists sounded the same and I really feel like that was intentional but it was also just something I'd like to see more of at shows.  But, when you go to Willimantic Records for a show, yes, it is the time of year to see some great foliage, but the music is always right on.  

YAWNi can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Haunt The House can be found on Bandcamp here :::


George Hakkila can be found on Instagram here :::


Marie Carroll can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Neonach can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Willimantic Records can be found on Facebook here :::


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Live Music Review //
Savak / Upper Wilds / Milliseconds
October 20th, 2023
at Oh Momma, Middletown CT

Additional photos can be found in an album on Facebook here :::


I'm not always up for going to the same place two nights in a row and this was also my third show in a row, so to come back to Oh Momma on this Friday after being there the night before meant that both of these back-to-back shows were that special.  And they really were.   Mr Fang and the Dark Tones / The Slick Tones the night before was one of the most Halloween-themed shows in this state and month.   Now, we switch gears a little bit, but this is just one of those rock shows that is so rare these days but still so great.

When I first saw online, in the schedule, that Savak would be coming to Middletown I knew I had to be there.   Savak is someone I've been receiving emails about for years now, so knowing I'd have that chance to see them live and so close it just made sense to go.   But on top of that, I come to find out that Upper Wilds and Milliseconds are opening up this show.  I was expecting two local openers, which would've been great, but three touring bands playing together and all special in their own ways this was just the can't miss rock show of the year.  

Milliseconds is a trio and two of them are from The Dismemberment Plan.  As someone who frequently went to places like The El N Gee Club in New London to see The Dismemberment Plan play with The Damn Personals and The Cancer Conspiracy, right away this was bringing me the nostalgia.   Milliseconds as a band now has a unique sound because it's not quite rock n roll and it's not quite punk, but it's somewhere in between those genres.

Listening to Milliseconds takes me back to that first "Five Years on the Street" compilation from Vagrant Records.   It's No Motiv / Ten Foot Pole (and how I think they're related)  and just other sounds which cannot be named.  It's not quite post hardcore or anything post, as it has more of a clean punk sound, but that also reminds me of both 22 Jacks and Wax at the same time as well.  It's just fun listening to it though and it shines through because it doesn't have any real point of comparison in terms of other sounds.

Upper Wilds was on second and not only are they one of my favorite bands they are also one of the best bands out there right now as well as having one of the best albums out this year as well.   The thing I really enjoy about Upper Wilds is how loud their sound can be and how distorted it is, yet it still feels so technical and the three musicians play together as one.   It really just feels commanding and modern artists don't sound like this but they should.

Case in point, as Upper Wilds was playing there was more than one instance where someone had been walking by, stopped when they heard the music and then even came inside.  It's easy enough for me to talk about this sound being attractive because I'm already at the show, but the way that it was literally drawing in people just goes to show you how powerful this rock truly is.  And, for me, it has also become quite addictive.

Savak took the headlining spot and while trios played before them they are four musicians with the two guitar players both singing.    Just because I can, I looked up when Savak appeared in my inbox and I've been getting emails about them since 2016, so that's quite a bit of time to have this band in your head and really not just know they exist but listen to their music and enjoy it.  So seeing them live just really was so special to me after all this time.

Everyone took to the stage with a lot of energy and it was just an overall loud rock show.  No one really sounded like each other, but they're also all just in a class all their own, which in many ways is what they have in common.   This was just such an overall amazing group of three bands to play one show in Middletown CT and it's something I'll always remember.  It's a show that I'll be talking about for years to come and am just so happy that it was something I could experience.  

Milliseconds can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Upper Wilds can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Savak can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Oh Momma can be found on the web here :::


Monday, October 23, 2023

Live Music Review //
Mr Fang and the Dark Tones / The Slick Tones
October 19th, 2023
at Oh Momma, Middletown CT

Additional photos can be found in an album on Facebook here :::


We were once again back at Oh Momma for a Thursday night show.  What better way to spend an October night than with Mr Fang and the Dark Tones, and The Slick Tones as well, as this is just the perfect time of year for this type of sound.   I pay close attention to what's happening in Connecticut and for the entire month of October I truly do believe this is the most Halloween type of feel you're going to get with live music in this state.  There are some good upcoming shows, sure, but none quite as spooky as this.

This show opened with Connecticut's own The Slick Tones, who played what was mostly a rockabilly set.  When I was growing up and went to my first Warped Tour, I was sort of first introduced to rockabilly.  So I always think of this genre as being closely related to punk, surf, rock n roll (like the 1950s style) and even ska and swing.   It's just a lot of fun and The Slick Tones proved that, even playing a straight up surf song.

While it might feel like there is a very specific twang or other sound which makes this more rockabilly and not just punk rock, the one thing all these genres share is the energy.   It's something which fits in with punk rock (and especially bands like Rancid) as it can get you moving but also get you dancing.   And The Slick Tones were just exceptional at this.   One of the big things about The Slick Tones is that their sound is just so technical and it has those guitar solos I just love.

Mr Fang and the Dark Tones were up second and they were on tour here, coming from Virginia.   It's fun to think about a touring band coming through Middletown, but this also just felt like a big deal as we were eleven days away from Halloween.  This should have really been the focal point of a Halloween party for many but often times people don't really seem to know what they're missing until after the show.

A power punk trio, self described as psychobilly, Mr Fang and the Dark Tones tore through what felt like thirty songs in ten minutes.  Though, in reality the set wasn't quite that many songs but it also went almost a full hour in length.   From covering the Dead Kennedys and Misfits to playing songs about hot rod cars and slower ballads, there was a little bit of something for everyone in this set.

And that isn't to say that Mr Fang and the Dark Tones didn't play songs about monsters either, as their latest EP is titled "I Want to be a Movie Monster!", from which they played the titular track.  They also played "Burn!", "I'm Zombified!", "Evil!" and a song which they said had no recording but was still a lot of fun to hear.   Compared with The Slick Tones, Mr Fang and the Dark Tones felt a little bit heavier but they still had those sweet rock n roll guitar solos.

Whether you're in CT or not, if you have the chance to see either Mr Fang and the Dark Tones or The Slick Tones and you are a fan of music that can go both loud and fast, then this is a show you certainly should check out.   The true spirit of the music is how it hits you.  And if you're looking for music which is going to hit you hard, then these are artists not to be missed.

The Slick Tones can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Mr Fang and the Dark Tones can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Oh Momma can be found on the web here :::


Friday, October 20, 2023

Music Review // Robert Jon & The Wreck "Hold On"

Robert Jon & The Wreck have created what is, by many standards, a southern / classic rock style ballad.   "Hold On" has starts and stops within it, a guitar solo and those keys to remind you of the subtle hints of gospel and blues.  The lyrics are just belted out, but in terms of songs by Robert Jon & The Wreck this just feels like one of their slower ones (though still comparatively fast paced)

The music video begins with a rollercoaster, which can also be seen later on during the video, and it just embraces that idea of holding on.  When you think about holding on in a physical sense, what is a better way to symbolize it?  You get in, put your straps on and hold on so you don't fall out.   This also feels like a good way of representing aspects of life and deeper diving into the lyrics.

During this song, Robert Jon & The Wreck question how long they can hold on.  At the same time, they ask when they are holding on how long can they remain strong.   I think of literally hanging from a metal bar in the air.  The way you hold on, and continue to do so, is based upon your strength.  As soon as you lose that strength, you drop.  You stop holding on.

At the same time, this song isn't about just thinking of that "Hang In There Baby" poster with the cat on it.  "Hold On" can have lyrics that could be taken to dissect a relationship- in the sense of how much will you tolerate before walking away- but it can also just feel like such a great revolutionary type of song.   It can potentially cause the working class to rise up and I'm definitely all in for that.  

Music Review // Espanola "Look To The Sky"

The sound is Espanola is one of rock.   There are parts of this song such as the keys which make it feel like the Wallflowers or something along those lines.  At the same time, it has this almost southern sound to it, such as classic rock n roll.  It's melodic and maintains a steady pace- neither really fast nor slow- throughout.

This music video begins with the singer walking into the studio and then for the most part, the video takes place as the song is performed inside of the recording studio.  There is a scene though where the singer is shown grooming his beard and he has his hat off.  At the end of that scene, he puts his hat back on and ends up back at the studio.

I'm not sure why, but this music video really just reminded me that people who have those really long beards spend more time trimming them and such than they would if they just shave.  I've always thought about growing a beard and just never shaving because it'd save time, but it feels like properly taking care of a beard would be more work than not shaving.

Ultimately this is a good song to put on a playlist if you have one for rock music.  It's something that has a pleasant musical sound to it where people shouldn't be offended by it when hearing it for the first time, but also after hearing it a few times you should at least be singing along with the chorus.  This definitely has the makings of a radio hit.  

Music Review // Darryl Kissick "Not Myself"

Darryl Kissick brings an upbeat rock sound to "Not Myself" with reminders of both the melody of Elliott Smith and an overall vibe of Ben Kweller.  Though maybe not in the right tone, this does feel quite like a Halloween type of song as even though the music suggests otherwise it can seem spooky/scary.

This music video (which is a lyric video as well) has hands playing a piano and they look like they could belong to the Wolfman.  This makes this song feel more in that spirit of Halloween, but it also has the idea of the title and becoming a monster.  As the chorus states: "I'm not myself / These days / I'm someone else" and often times we struggle with our identities.

One thing I've always found interesting about Halloween is what costume people choose to dress up in because I feel like it's revealing about their true self.  Why dress as a firefighter one day of the year instead of making it your career path?  It just feels like this song has that mentality of not knowing who you are, but maybe you are a monster and that's okay.

I feel like the best way to not lose your identity is to not label one.  If you're vague then you can't really ever go against someone in the sense "Oh, I can't do that, that's so unlike me".  But yet there still are those times where you can feel as if you're doing things which make you question who you are.   If you've ever felt that way (and I think that we all have) then this song is for you.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Music Review // Malade "Give Up"

When I see a song titled “Give Up” the pessimistic side of me kicks in and I feel like we’re about to hear something sad, defeated.   However, Malade has created quite the opposite here as this is an anthem for standing your ground and knowing your worth.  In this scenario, the singer is not doing the giving up but rather stating that they shouldn’t be given up on.

One of the lines I really like in this song is: “I know I’m a piece of work / A flower can’t grow without a bit of dirt”   There are lyrics within here that can just constantly remind you that love and relationships (and life) are things which you must constantly work at.  So many people give up at the first sign of distress and as important as it is to know when to walk away it’s also equally important to not just leave for reasons which you’ll find anywhere.

Malade flips the script with the chorus of: “I’m not a woman you give up on / You must have a problem”.  I like that rather than the person singing about giving up feeling like the problem and like they are giving up, they’re instead turning it on the other person and more people should be this confident.  I hope this song does act in that sense where it can build confidence within people who may not have otherwise felt it.

At first I heard a lot of Alessia Cara in this song.  It’s that pop but also R&B with soul.  By the time I got to the chorus though I was reminded of groups such as Destiny’s Child, En Vogue and SWV.  I don’t feel like there are as many groups of artists out there creating music like this still, so to have one person covering that sound just makes this song feel even more special. 

Music Review // The Bankes Brothers "C'est La Vie "

I enjoy the expression "C'est La Vie" because it can be so easily added to anything that happens in life and it just makes it feel more relaxed.  You can have a break up or lose your job and it's just "Ah, but so is life" and it's just that feeling of taking the good with the bad because that's how life is.  

The Bankes Brothers capture that feeling in this song.   A melodic rock n roll number, this has me feeling like The Strokes and just that overall indie rock radio vibe.  There are lyrics about different situations within this song, but they will all be met with “C'est La Vie” so it just leaves you with that apathetic feeling in some ways as well.

This music video is a lot of fun because it goes back and forth between the band being at a lake swimming and in the studio recording.   The lake part is really fun because it feels like summer camp.   Summer camp is something that’s fun when you’re a kid because you feel like it’s that break from reality and what happens there is separate from the real world you go back to when the summer is over.

Music feels a lot like summer camp and that’s captured in this song.  The idea that whether you’re on tour or in the studio recording an album, it’s that moment in time where everything revolves around that and then ultimately it is back to reality before it can all happen again.   But life is a series of moments and events, so this song is the perfect soundtrack to that concept of living freely.  

Live Music Review //
Messa / Maggot Heart
October 18th, 2023
at The Space Ballroom, Hamden CT

Additional photos can be found in a Facebook album here :::


Right away this show interested me because there was no local opener.  I would've loved to see someone like Doom Beach open this show, but keeping it to two artists and the fact that both of them are here from outside of the U.S. just seemed to make this show more fitting.  I'm also at a point in my life where I don't mind rocking, but I prefer to be home before midnight on a week night.   The idea of two bands starting at 8pm really made it feel like that would be possible and that should also entice people to come out to these shows.

Though there wasn't a lack of a crowd at this show.  I want to give a special shout out to everyone who came out and bought a ticket to this show.  The Space Ballroom looked full and most importantly the crowd was loud.  Every time the music got a little quieter and in between songs, you could hear these fans and they were loud enough to make you question how everyone could fit into The Space Ballroom.   They truly made the loudness of an arena at times.

Maggot Heart opened this show and they came all the way from Germany to play their particular brand of rock music.  It's so difficult to put Maggot Heart into a category of sound but that's what makes them so special.  A spoken word piece opened their set, as the band members came onto the stage.   Linnéa Olsson said that we were all going to take a trip into rock n roll tonight and it truly felt like we did.

This sound was fast paced at times but overall it was just loud.  I could feel every part of me moving with the drums.  It felt like it could've been a test where you place someone near the speakers and watch as they move across the floor to the rhythm.  People were certainly moving along with the music, but at the same time, Maggot Heart created such a sound that the whole place would've felt like it was moving regardless.

Messa headlined this show and played a different set than Maggot Heart but one that the crowd was still very much into.   The slow, prodding metal of Messa, who are from Italy, just filled The Space Ballroom in a way that made me question the stability of the structure itself.  If I was going to create a show to try and destroy a physical building such as this, Messa would be on that roster for sure.

Somewhat doom, somewhat sludge, Messa just played loud and heavy and the crowd was into every note of it.  Sometimes it came out so fast I thought I'd be knocked over.   At one point near the end, everyone left the stage except for the guitarist who just played through.  I have to say, their guitarist is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen live and just going to see Messa to experience that guitar work is worth it alone.

After their last song, the lights remained red and the house lights/music didn't come on so there seemed to be some confusion as to whether or not there would be an encore.  As the bands made their way to the merch tables, the lights came up and the house music came on.   I also remain impressed that most everyone flocks to the merch tables after the show because it's one thing to know that the crowd is showing up but also having it feel like they're going above and beyond that makes for a really special night.  

Messa can be found on Bandcamp here :::

Maggot Heart can be found on the web here :::

Space Ballroom can be found on the web here :::

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Music Review // JAXXEE "so tired"

As soon as the vocals kicked in on "so tired" I was blown away.  This has the sounds of blues, soul and even those keys which make it feel like gospel.   But these vocals just come through in a way which reminds me of musicians like Tracy Chapman.   You can just really feel it and relate with the artist, even if you've never been tired before.

But who among us hasn't been tired before?  And there are certainly different ways to be tired.   You could be tired from the banality of your routine.  You could be tired because you're too busy to get the proper amount of sleep.   You could be tired of dealing with someone else and their character traits.  And you could also very easily be any combination or all of these things at the same time.

This music video puts the musicians in the studio so you can get a glimpse into how the song is made.   Something about the visualization of the vocals just make them seem easier to feel, though with the way they come out they should be felt.   This whole song just feels like it has that way about it, where you can feel it and relate with it.

The funny thing about this song is that it gets me fired up.  It makes me feel like I'm tired too and I want the world to know about it.   So, in theory, it's good to put on if you are tired but it's not really a lullaby so it won't help you get to sleep.    Still that guitar hook and voice is enough to have anyone wanting this in their steady playlist.  

Music Review // Marcus Lowry "Time, Time Time"

Marcus Lowry has definitely found a way to craft a simple sound through complex instruments.   On "Time, Time, Time" there are four other musicians playing with him and the instruments include an upright bass, viola, pedal steel and harmonium.   I do love the harmonium and so this song immediately resonates with me.  

A slow, dreary sound comes through as everyone plays and Marcus Lowry sings.   This music video acts more like a short film than anything else.  It pans out and zooms in to show these musicians playing this song inside of a large barn.  This is good for acoustics, but it's also worth noting that all of this sound seems to be coming from instruments which are not using electricity.  Having this big of an acoustic sound is really quite remarkable.

In some ways, this song reminds me of those bands from the early 2000's and into the 2010's who would play something not quite folk and not quite a sea shanty but somewhere in between.  At one point, it felt like there was an entire genre of it though I'm not sure anyone back then has the beauty and grace that Marcus Lowry does here.

When thinking about where this song fits in, it's refreshing to be reminded that not everything has to be part of a playlist for a party or abstract.   Sometimes music just needs to be chill.  Whether it's winding down at the end of the day or just trying to calm yourself for other reasons, "Time, Time, Time" feels like a reminder to take a moment every once in a while and just breathe.  

Cassette Review // LEKAYMI "LEKAYMI"


The first sounds on this cassette feel like we're in this music box and it continues with these electronics which can become disconnected.  In some sense, this has an angelic feeling, as if we're floating into the sky, and what sounds like vocals can come with it as well.   I feel like if you took certain ambient / drone music and sped it up then it could sound a bit like this.

Notes come through next as the drift into the abyss.   Words are spoken as well now, as the tones shift and shake.   A combination of the words and the music just makes this feel haunted.   There is a sense to this sound as well which is distortion and that makes me feel like we're just in a haze.   The next song drops off with notes cutting through.   Laughing now, as well.

As the sound echoes through and fades, straight up screaming is coming through now.  This feels like what you'd expect to hear walking by a witch in a haunted house.   At the same time it can feel like we're on this carnival ride, which makes it even more exciting.  

On the flip side the notes come through in a complex way and speaking can be heard behind them.   This loop feels both dreamy and psychedelic at the same time.   Slower notes come through in the next song, as singing comes with it.   This continues to feel haunted.  Then it drifts off into electronic distortion.  

Cassette Review // Equivocator "Equivocator" (Nefarious Industries)


Equivocator combines hardcore and punk sounds on this cassette to bring forth a unique sound for this day and age.   Whenever I hear music and I'm trying to compare it with something, my mind goes backwards.  There might be more modern bands that are making music right now to compare Equivocator with, but my mind goes where it goes and I cannot help that.

Right away I feel like this reminds me the most of when I first heard The Hope Conspiracy.  There are just these raw elements that cross the line between hardcore and punk.  With singing and screaming, this is complex within the music.  Big, chugging guitar chords can still be heard and this is just hard-hitting.  

There is also a lot of energy in here.  I am reminded of both boysetsfire and old school The Offspring within these melodies.   There is chaos, like a tornado, and just big guitar riffs overall.   Between punk and hardcore, if you're someone who is only into one of those two genres for some reason I still believe you can find comfort within these songs.  

Genres seem to have really blurred lines these days, but Equivocator has a sound where they could play shows with other punk bands or shows with other hardcore bands and fit right in.   This isn't always something that bands can do, but there have been bands in the past who have done it and I just think this cassette deserves your time because of how good it is regardless of genre.  

Cassette Review // Hualun "The Minor Trio I" (KATUKTU COLLECTIVE)


Hualun has a sound that is both vast and varying.  When you hear this cassette, you will be taken away into a place where you might not return the same.   It begins with blissed out tones, guitars and keys.  There is a sense of rock within this, which reminds me of garage rock but also has elements of 311 but "Lowrider" and all at once.   That might just be something you have to hear to fully understand.

There is also rhythm and soul, and the second song comes out with these angelic wind chime tones.   It can also be thought of as music box tones and I really enjoy the idea of someone finding an old music box at a thrift store or tag sale and using it in their music.   Driving, with slipping static, the synth tones come through like space now.  There is a steady rhythm within this second song and it feels like it is just blasting you into space.

As this is in three parts, I like to think of the first song as preparing you for liftoff, as one would with a rocket, and then the second is that act of launching into space, leaving Earth behind.  The third song is the arrival into space.  Sad, acoustic plucks come out with these horns (which might be a trumpet)  Synth rays come through and they echo like skipping stones, reminding us of the vastness of space; the emptiness.

I'm not sure why my mind often takes these experiences in listening to music and sets them in space.   There is no sound in space so it doesn't fully make sense, but this is just where my imagination takes me.   When listening to this cassette by Hualun, your mind might go somewhere else.   You might have different images playing in your head.   And that's okay.  It's not about the destination, the music is about the journey.  

Friday, October 13, 2023

Live Music Review // Peoples Club / Mind Blossum / Juno Fuzz
October 12th, 2023 at Stella Blues, New Haven CT

Additional photos can be found in an album on Facebook here :::


This was my first time at Stella Blues and it was an experience I won't soon forget.   When I got there, a sign was outside written in chalk that had the lineup and I briefly saw that it had said Soft Spot (who is a local CT band) instead of Peoples Club and I got worried.  Adding to my confusion, when Juno Fuzz was playing they gave a shout out to the other bands which they included Peoples Club and not Soft Spot, but the confusion during this show was only about to begin.  

I found out about this show because of Juno Fuzz.  I missed them a few times when they played at Oh Momma and Bleachers, so I knew that the next time I saw them come around I would go out of my way to see them.   This night just happened to work out for me and so I knew it was a sign- an aligning of the stars of sorts- and I was driving from Meriden to New Haven as they were coming from Middletown to New Haven.  

Juno Fuzz has a sound unlike any other band which you will ever hear and that's what makes what they are doing so special.  It's rock music, sure, but it's spacey and there are times when you'll find yourself just getting lost in the music and forgetting everything else around you.  There are vocals through most of the songs but there was one song they played where the vocals ended but it kept going for a while musically and I think that just shows that range that Juno Fuzz has.

It's difficult to hear Juno Fuzz and not just be excited about them.   Their singer has a beautiful voice and could be on one of those shows I don't watch like American Idol while the rest of the band is just out there rocking their hardest.  To some extent, their sound overall reminds me of Tom Petty and I do like that a lot.  I think there's just this feeling of hearing something that I listened to growing up on cassettes (like Tom Petty) but also something I listen to now in that dreamy but also hard-hitting rock way.

The second band was the one that I knew the least about because other than following them on Instagram I don't remember seeing their music on streaming or anything.  Mind Blossum is a three piece that has two guitarists and a drummer.  They played this ripping set that was both heavy and technical.   They could easily get up there and just play heavy to where they have that metal feeling of rock n roll, but they also got into guitar solos and that brought out thoughts of the blues at times.

Is there an easy sound to describe Mind Blossum with?  No.  But, for me and maybe for me only, I feel like they're this perfect combination of the Black Crowes and Silverchair.  I really only know that one Black Crowes song everyone knows, but thinking about how Silverchair was just brutal for two albums made me feel like what's happening with Mind Blossum here could be just as heavy and amazing.   

This took us into our main event which was Peoples Club and I know that they love pizza and so do I.   This was one of the most wild and unhinged live sets I've ever seen and I don't think my words will do it justice.   And I've seen a lot of things in my time, but nothing quite like this.  Musically, People's Club is a combination of rock n roll and punk, but there are just these elements to the sound that make it feel like a party as well. (Think Andrew WK)

The vocalist was running around as far as the mic cord would take him and the bassist had a cord-free deal so he was just running around everywhere, including outside.   From the moment the first note hit it was just pure mayhem and I loved every second of it.    They dedicated a song to my shoes.  They played a song asking where Zack was.  And, of course, they played "PIZZA PARTY".   They have a song called "peoples anthem" which they played throughout the night and it became sort of a running gag.

From what I can understand just putting the pieces together, I feel like there was a set time for Stella Blues to have live music and that time was from 9pm until midnight.   It was around 10:50pm when Peoples Club got onto the stage and I don't think they really came up there with the idea of "Let's do a solid 30 minutes" but rather "Hey, we have until midnight so let's go until midnight".   They even said at one point they'd just play their theme song for twenty minutes because they had the time.

Peoples Club is just that pure definition of letting your intrusive thoughts win.   At one point, the guitarist put a sock on his hand and said "You know what's rock n roll?  Paying the bands! You know what's not rock n roll?  Homophobia!"  It felt like a feverdream, like something you had to look around and wonder if everyone else was experiencing this as well.   But it was just that: an experience.   I 100% feel like it is an experience everyone should take and it is an experience I would like to take again and again.  

Juno Fuzz can be found on the web here :::


Mind Blossum can be found on Instagram here :::


Peoples Club can be found on Bandcamp here :::


Stella Blues can be found on the web here :::