Monday, October 14, 2019

Cassette Review //
Bridal Party
"Too Much"
(Factotum Cassettes & Oddities)

$10 CAD //
Edition of 100 // //

The music of Bridal Party is not easily explained.   I've listened to this cassette a number of times now and every time I listen to it I seem to take something new out of it.    At first, I had this feeling of it being groovy, but ultimately it's rocking and a little tongue-in-cheek.

Influences come in the way of Corinne Bailey Rae, Dionne Warwick and that Alice Cohen & The Channel 14 Weather Team album that came out earlier this year.    Blissed out and beautiful it sometimes reminds me of Flaming Lips and other times can feel like something from Simon Hanes.

This feels strongly like something from the 1960's or even 1970's though.   Even though I wasn't alive at the time, my parents were and it was their love of music such as this which carried on during the 1980's.   I remember living in a two family house with grandma and uncle downstairs.   They would babysit my sisters and I while my parents went to the rollerdisco (my father had this yellow shirt as such) where I assume this type of music was played.

Bridal Party has a sound that might seem familiar but it isn't.   At times I think this has that television feel of a show like "Love Boat" or "Charlie's Angels", as is it definitely can have that 1970's spy thing going on for it.   But it just seems to be on the edge of these certain rock genres without falling into any of them specifically.

Lyrically these songs are about different topics but the words don't always seem to match the tone of the music.  It's more of an upbeat, lighter feel musically whereas the lyrics touch upon more serious subjects.   "Too Much" has suggestions of body image while "When I'm Naked" is more obvious in the title but still feels rather innocent in other aspects.   "Attention" is about wanting attention- in the sense of what I would crudely refer to as an attention whore- and "Speak Easy" sets the mood for this entire cassette as I could imagine Bridal Party existing during the time of prohibition.

Cassette Review //
odd person
"the flowers of arcadia"
(Ingrown Records)

$5 // //

We begin with the sounds of birds chirping, like we're in that kind of nature room, and then these tones come in which feel a bit like organ tones at first but as they progress they seem to take on this almost "Miami Vice" feel.    Beats fill the background and there is this sound which I would call acoustic vaporwave.   It feels a little bit trippy as well, but it's also just chill.   Blissed out tones fall in line now.    Video game tones come through now like triumph as they can resemble horns.

A dark sound comes into the background now, like thunder.   The birds chirping have returned.    That video game triumph is still back there.   A fumbling now, a lot of noises at once.    It is a chaotic symphony as it fades out with glee. 

The next song comes in with some static which sounds like a downpour.   Tones come in like horns but it sounds like someone is playing one of those instruments you don't always hear a lot about- like an oboe- and they're out in the rain doing it.    But it moves like a movie, there is a sense of wonder to it all.    There is this wavy sound behind this, perpetual motion, as the tones continue to tell the story of life, of birth.

This rowing sound becomes almost a moaning, but then it begins to feel like a warning.   A magic spell is behind this as well so it just seems to want to put me into a trance where I can feel like I'm under hypnosis and to what end is unclear.     Beeps send us back to that singular sound of rain falling with a few tones behind it.    This song ends with just that static rain, which is the same way as it began.

On the flip side we open with this sort of squealing sound which has some birds behind it but it just feels like a wild animal.    A smooth groove builds now and there is talking within it.    This just turned into a pretty technical electronic based song, even though you can hear some words in the background, it has just developed into this speed and drive.    The tones begin to glow now and they're getting much louder.    The intensity can make it feel like a carnival ride.

Everything about this song increases and so if you can imagine it as being like a carousel ride, where we're going around and around, you have to think at one point we begin to go off the rails, to come unhinged.    It then slows down a little bit, is reduced to just this acoustic percussion feel with some slight snarls behind it and then there is also this mystic air about it.     And it ends with these sort of dreamy hues, just fading out and completey confusing my sense of being awake versus being asleep.

Cassette Review //
Cop Jokes / Law Years
"Human Drama"
(KiloHURTz Records)

$8 //

This one opens up with some distorted crackling like water electronics.   Static bursts come through and then there is a lightbulb rattle.   It gets quieter and more minimal before these static blasts come back and then it's an electric scramble.    And then it comes glitching through, like a failed transmission.   Rapid fire now. 

Dark tones come in like a video game and this feels like something from an arcade game or the NES perhaps, a game like Double Dragon but not quite.   There is also a triumph in this song.    There is a build to it, like a symphony and I'm just in love with the style of this song because it's a traditional sound played in such a non-traditional way.   Cymbals crashing full force.

Strong static crashes and bangs now.    This cassette is weird because the two artists take turns playing songs and then they play a song together, but I'm not really one to listen to music which isn't weird so I guess that should've been expected as distorted shots are fired down. 

Notes start off the flip side like a crazy video game and then there is a buzzing behind it, a swarm.   Drums come through now in rapid succession.   Someone pauses to say something and now there is a scraping.    Big beats.    Words like a news broadcast.    Heavy breathing now.

Somehow it feels like jazz flute now.   The drum is being banged.   Words are spoken and there is a humming like singing before it all turns into this pinball glitch sound.    That deep bass distortion follows.    Still, this has a soothing quality to it somehow.   Now it sounds like lions and tigers are roaring.   Back and forth between the peaceful and the chaos. 

Now it sounds like drumrolls in the rain.    It feels like we're in a full on metal storm now.   With that idea of like how they used to bend metal sheets in the radio days to create sound effects before the advent of television, this cassette comes to a most interesting end and, yes, you need to experience this one for yourself as well. 

Wrestling Review //
Prestige Wrestling

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As with most of these wrestling events I watch on IWTV, I found out about this one on Twitter- saw a poster for it- and decided to watch it.   I do usually go through the recently added on IWTV though, look at the cards and then add shows to my watchlist, which is at something like twenty events now (and growing!)

This is my first time watching Prestige Wrestling but the commentary is done by Joe Dombrowski and I get his emails so that's cool.    I'm not sure what kind of genre to put Prestige in, as this show seemed to have a little bit of everything for everyone.   That seems to be my default wrestling promotion to watch now, even though I still love certain styles and want to see complete shows in one style.

Originally this show was to open with Puma King vs. Tony Deppen but something happened with travel issues and Tony Deppen was replaced by Alex Zayne.   Here's how/why wrestling is so fun for me.   The event I watched before this was Beyond Wrestling "All Hands On Deck" (right here on IWTV [cheap pop]) which was my first time seeing Alex Zayne.   The event I watched before that one was PWG "Smokey and the Bandido" on Blu-Ray, which had Puma King on it.   So it's one of those small world type of things, but just so great to see wrestlers I've seen on different shows coming together.

One thing I like about Alex Zayne (aside from his in ring style) is that he has the gimmick of being "body by Taco Bell" and some of his moves are named after menu items.  It's the little things which set you apart from others, even if it's as simple as being known as "that Taco Bell guy".

Kikutaro (!!!) took on Ethan HD.   This was my first time seeing Ethan HD and he is not a higher def version of Ethan Page.   But this match was worked where Ethan HD had diarrhea and at one point he shit his pants.   I don't know.   I love Kikutaro but this match was a bit much for me.    I just couldn't get into it and it reminded me of when WWE had Drake Maverick pee his pants.    Some people might not have a problem with it, but it really took me out of the match.

The third match of the evening had Rhyno vs. Bull James which was a great battle of the monsters.   I saw this question posed on a wrestling site about whether or not the era of the big man was over and I think some of these non-WWE wrestling shows have big guys (in terms of size) and they just get overlooked.   This was a great match up until the team of 4 Minute Heat came out and then got destroyed by Rhyno and Bull James.   Imagine Rhyno and Bull James as a tag team?  Why didn't WWE ever think of that?  They're such monsters, so together they'd naturally be unstoppable.

Mance Warner was scheduled to be in a death match against Drexl but he is injured so it was Steve West instead.   This match made me want to watch an entire event of death matches (like Cage of Death) and if you've never seen Drexl before he's quite the character.   I want to say this was my first time seeing Drexl, but there are so many random eight person matches on shows I watch I feel like saying such things might be wrong.    Maybe he was in the multi-person match on that Bizarro Lucha show.   I don't remember. 

This was a good death match but at the end it felt like Steve West hit Drexl with everything he could, didn't get the three count and then one quick move and Drexl somehow won.   Oh well.  It was fun to watch at least.

Alex Zayne returned to be in a seven person match which also had Jaiden (he's the new DJ Z), Tony Deppen, Andrew Everett, Adrian Quest, Mike Santiago and Tyler Bateman-- the perfect mix of names I know and don't know, even if it was a bit crowded.   I think more than four people in a match is too many unless you can do tags or it's special like a battle royal.

In the semi-main event, Orange Cassidy took on Su Yung.   I've actually gone out of my way to watch parts of Impact Wrestling to see Su Yung who is this undead type of character and it's just insane how you would put her up against Orange Cassidy.    I think Orange Cassidy is my favorite current wrestler because of his relaxed in ring style, but I also think it's because he's so unique as a character that when you match him up with someone it's unlike anyone else that person has faced.   So you get this character- like Su Yung- and put them up against a character like Orange Cassidy and it's just crazy good.

During this match, Su Yung sprayed the red mist while Orange Cassidy sprayed the orange juice and this was a similar spot from the Orange Cassidy match against Gangrel, but what can you do?  The part of the match where Su Yung got lost and then kidnapped Orange Cassidy was worth watching for, but yes, bring on more characters such as these and somehow, someone out there says "This would be a great match"  I mean, these are matches I haven't even thought of (or thought were possible) and then when I read it I have to see it.

In the main event Tom Lawlor took on Chris Dickinson.   Tom Lawlor is the Prestige Champion and in this match the title was on the line and it must have been won by knockout or submission.   Chris Dickinson is like Nick Gage in that he is everywhere.   Tom Lawlor apparently gets around as well.   Lawlor won by submission and then after the match Davey Richards came out and turned heel, attack Tom Lawlor and basically saying he was coming for what he never really lost.

Fun Fact About Davey Richards: He has me blocked on Twitter and I don't know why.  (Though how I found out is a whole different story) I can't really say I'm excited to see Davey Richards in a wrestling ring again, but the rest of this show top to bottom was just so solid that you should do yourself the favor of going out of your way to watch this one.   IWTV will give you a free x number of days trial I think or just pay the $10 and watch this show.   I'm looking forward to more from Prestige Wrestling.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Music Review //
haha charade
"Goodbye Juliet" //

Right away I hear these guitars and seeing the shirts this band is wearing it makes me think of that Flock of Seagulls idea, where I can hear some sort of new wave type of vibe behind this.   On the surface it could be a pop rock, at times even reminding me of TMBG, but it has that distinct 1990's vibe behind it from when we were leaving the 1980's behind but still along those same lines.

The chorus (which sings the title) is interesting to me, as it goes:

"Goodbye Juliet
I never really liked you
I liked your silhouette"

Isn't it funny how we see people at times as a silhouette- as what we want to see them as- but then they come into focus and become who they really are in our eyes and that makes our opinion of them change?  It's something to be said about seeing someone for who they really are, basically.

It seems like, on the surface, this is a break up song because you can tell from the title.   But as the words go along it seems less like the singer is heartbroken over it and more like something which was seen as coming.   I'm not sure if everyone has been in this situation before or not, but I feel like I have been where you just kind of take a chance on getting to know someone even though you predict it will go down in flames and then it eventually does.

From the house party to the beach, "Goodbye Juliet" has one of the most fun and upbeat sounds for a breakup song I've ever heard that wasn't a complete slap to the face.   Through the process of going through a breakup- saying goodbye- there can be sadness and there can be anger, but at the end of it you kind of get that feeling of acceptance and moving on.   That's what this song best conveys and ultimately everyone will be able to listen to it and relate with it.

Cassette Review //
Phantoms vs Fire
"My Mind As Your Amusement Park"
(Blackjack Illuminist Records)

€8 //
Edition of 50 // //

This one starts off with eerie tones like ghosts, notes come through and can shake the speakers and then behind it all it feels like we're drifting- a little in that "Knight Rider" sense.   There is a darkness as it grows and then with a screech build up of sorts it all just comes together and ends in a second.

Magical tones find their way into the next song and there is a haunted part to this, like something out of "The X-Files".    As the intensity grows it hits this thundering sound like a storm and then fades out.    As you can feel it dropping down now, the tones back and forth pick back up and it has a rather "Alien" feel about it (like the movie)

As I feel like we're becoming hypnotized with a little of that black and yellow, it also seems to go more into the realm of sci-fi.   Spatial and desolate now, it feels like we are on some other planet with no way of returning home and yet you can still hear that occasional chirping of the birds.

A sad and hollow feel, a ringing and then it sounds like the radio station changes.   Someone says "Good evening ladies and gentlemen" and we're into a new loop of dark tones.   It begins driving now, somewhat industrial, as horns seemingly blare through glitches behind all of it.   In some other form, this could be the sound of traffic and road work, but through these tools it is profoundly deep music.

Beats kick in now and I'm thinking of "Run Lola Run".    It keeps kind of switching over into this old-timey music and I do enjoy that, but then it comes right back into these sharp howls and video game beats which make me feel like "Resident Evil".    More words- about Hollywood now- and we go into the darkness of that old rusty guitar sound: somewhere between the future and Johnny Cash.

Psychedelic laughing comes through now.   Calmer now, you can hear the drumsticks click.  Whooshes and whirrs.    Haunted like ghosts now- these screams- bring in this acoustic guitar riff on the next track and it has a classic rock vibe to it.    This has a drive to it as well, and then it feels as if vocals are trying to come through behind it. 

Notes enter to start the flip side in this Tell-Tale Heart type of way and it just has this pulsating drive behind it.   Next we have this sound which feels like a train whistle blowing and I'm reminded of such a setting as being on a train or at least near their tracks.   Notes ting in now.   The intensity of these notes persists and it feels like something out of a Hitchcock film, it's that type of suspense.   Once again it cracks into that thunderstorm.

The tones take on an Oriental sound now.    Then it switches to that instrumental hip hop feel, that black and yellow groove.  Once again, the birds are chirping now with those sad and alone post rock tones.   It's trying to come through with these notes but feels like it's slightly muted.    There is also a "Donnie Darko" vibe to this.   And a crackling brings that song to an end.

We're into full FNL mode now, the tones just echoing through the speakers. 

Cassette Review //

$4 // //

We begin with this distorted static that just slightly waves.    At first it feels like an airplane coming through but then you can hear these deeper moans as well, which feel like some sort of monster growling.   And yes, I'd hear that whether or not this was named Ogre.    It screeches a little bit like a dinosaur but I'm also reminded of dragons, so it's got that whole giant beast with fire coming to kill you vibe happening with a little bit of Transformers.

There's some great distortion just blasting through here.    I know there is this whole movie and concept series where the Transformers are dinosaurs (Dinobots) and this just really makes me think of that for some reason, as it would either be the music that they listen to themselves or the music that they create.

On the flip side we start with a sharper grinding sound.  It feels like a machine, like a drill or jackhammer you would find at a construction site.    If you told me that this was a field recording and asked me where it might be from my best guess would be something in the middle of the road, some crew trying to fix a pothole or whatever.    It's just this sound of constant drilling.

Even though it does feel like we're going in this circle, like a crank, there is also just this overall feeling of drone on this one.   It gets a little bit sharper now and can become harsh noise throughout the entire time.    It even gets a little bit higher in that metal detector way, but overall it just maintains that quality of something I'd listen to through headphones to keep people from bothering me.