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Music Review // Matias Roden "Close Your Eyes"

  Matias Roden has this great sound which comes out somewhere between new wave and modern rock with elements of pop that can be heard on the radio currently.  The chorus has this big, triumphant feeling to it and this song just becomes instantly stuck in my head whenever I hear it because it's that good. There is a message to this song about missing someone, as the chorus says: "Don't you think about us sometimes when you close your eyes".   Through the music video there are two men dancing, holding hands, photos inside of a locket, etc and this makes it appear as if this is a romantic relationship.  It is a song of love had and love lost, which is a theme that songs can take on for sure. If you really want to dive deep into this song though and ignore the music video, you could take this as a song about anyone who has lost someone else and even in the way of death it could be someone singing from beyond the grave, as we all kind of miss those who have passed on

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