Music Review //
"dive in"

The first thing you might notice about the song "dive in" are the acoustics accompanied by the vocals.   The voice of janïsa is really what carries this song and the further into it you get the more you begin to realize that.  This song has soul and goes above and beyond of what you might consider to be R&B.  I think about artists such as P!nk but also Alicia Keys being Unplugged.

What also strikes me about this song is that there are lines about faith and in that way it could be considered spiritual.  There is an underlying aspect to this song where it could be sung inside of a church.  And the music video plays off of that as well, as the main character stands in front of water for most of the time but eventually falls back into it and is surrounded by a number of peers.   

Set in a sepia tone, the music video makes me think of a baptism.  This could be a very direct religious reference, but there are a number of different religions who believe in doing this act.   To me, the song means something more when you think about lines such as: "I've stayed so long on the surface / I'm scared of the deep end / I know I should dive in", as it could just apply to the general idea of carpe diem.

Back before the pandemic hit, I had this moment in my life where everything changed.  I was going to work and not much else but I decided I wanted to really live so I started spending my time outside of work doing things which made me scared but also made me happy.  I feel like this song is about not letting fear get in your way and just doing what makes you happy- taking a chance- and thus living your fullest life.  


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