Music Review //
"Little Idea"


When it comes to music and creating pop or rock songs there seemed to always be this idea of verse/chorus/verse because it could be slower in the verses and pick up for the chorus.   One of the things which you will notice when listening to "Little Idea" is that it starts off with this mellow, acoustic guitar sound and it just kind of stays there the whole time.  It doesn't slow down, it doesn't pick up, it's just chill.

With these acoustic guitars and soft vocals, JEEN comes off somewhere along the lines of dark pop or Mazzy Starr.   There really isn't an easy genre to put this single in, as it feels like a haunted lullaby to some extent, but also the song overall seems hopeful even though it might feel like the mood is not.   The idea of not being alone is expressed in here and that is certainly a positive aspect.

This is a lyric video so the words appear on the screen but it is also a swirl of colors, in which sometimes the shape of a face can be seen.  Back in the early days of computers there used to be media players that would generate moving images based upon the music you played.  This feels like a much more advanced version of that and it's somewhat trippy as well.

People always seem to be looking for that big idea that they think will change the world or at least their lives.   But the thing of it is, it's not always just one big thing you can do to change anything and it can be a series of smaller steps.   Having a big idea isn't always as practical as having a little idea and with that, JEEN seems to really be onto something here.  


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