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The sound of MIKEH is one which blends the music of the past with the music of the present.  In a pop / chillwave way the music just comes out sounding cool.   It feels very much as if it is based upon the melodies and just has that uplifting way about it.   For as many artists as there could be making a similar sound now, it also draws me back to the 1990's when cassingles were around and this song might be found on one of them.

What people sometimes forget about the 1990's- before the time of grunge and even during it because of pop- was this string of musicians who came out and had radio singles but then weren't heard from again.  But they were a lot of first name/last name types and while you may recognize a name such as Jon Secada, you're less likely to be familiar with Joshua Kadison.  Though not in a direct way, I feel like MIKEH is keeping this sound alive and I appreciate it.

Lyrically this song is about how life is like a kaleidoscope.   The chorus sings: "Different lives intertwine" and it's true.  One thing people seem to have a problem with is when people leave your life, but that's just part of it all.  As you shift the kaleidoscope, the colors change and move, so sometimes you're next to people and sometimes you're not.  It's a good way of looking at things, in that moving pieces idea.

Thinking of life as a kaleidoscope is also interesting because it puts that melting pot into perspective as throughout our lives we (hopefully) meet many different characters.   But regardless of how far you want to read into these lyrics, just remember we're under the same watchful eye in the kaleidoscope- essentially, we are all in this together so let's try and be cool to one another.  


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