Cassette Review //
(Public Eyesore Records)

Right away this cassette starts off with some horns and it's just weird jazz.   Vocals come in, but they aren't really saying words and sound more like perhaps what a squirrel might sound like if trying to sing.   This is so fast paced now that if there was such a subgenre for jazz as skramz I believe this could be in it.   The tones are plucked higher and it sounds like beeping from the vocals.    There is such a feeling of urgency in here but it is also quite fun, like it could make you bounce off of the walls.

This shifts into a more straight forward noisy punk rock song.   It becomes organized chaos and I really do enjoy the destructive side of it all.   A sound like banging now, as vocals are spoken and distortion runs wild behind them.   There are little honks from horns and this just feels like a jazz song falling apart.  Quieter now, the next song has some scraping and it sounds like hints of scales being hummed.   This is the creaking of the door opening slowly and the power singing of a monk combined to form an ominous sound.   Notes begin to come in now as well.   The singing becomes so overpowering as the notes scramble.

On the flip side, the jazz horns return with grunts and growls as vocals.   Then the words begin to be forming but I cannot understand them.   This is getting rather savage and primal now.  Some laughing.   It slows down now, as it seems to be calming.   This all comes into the next song which begins with a quiet whistling.   Sounds like birds or some other animal come in now as well, in squeaks and squeals.    The percussion has been a big factor on this cassette and you can really hear that now.

Slowly, the horns come back in with vocal sounds.    Rattling and growling now, as this is vocal sounds that aren't words and very minimal sound along with them.   As the sound cuts through sharper, the vocals pick up to where they could almost be words.   This all comes together like rattling glass bottles and the train horns sounding as the vocals reappear and send it into utter chaos.   This all sort of ends as everything fades out and it just felt like such a wild ride.  


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