Music Review //
Melissa Marchese

Melissa Marchese has created a wonderful song about the way it feels like the world is coming to an end.   Aside from the wars and natural disasters there are just certain events which happen and someone on Twitter will say that the end is near.   And it definitely does feel like that at any time because it just feels like there are signs all around us.

As the title is "SIRENS" this song feels like a distress signal as the lines "The world's coming down / And if anyone knows how to make it better call me now" come through.  Musically there are these horns that have a somewhat ska feel to them where this could be a Save Ferris type of song and I do enjoy that about it also.   

The music video is quite telling as it notes natural disasters and things which feel like they are out of our control but are signs of the end.  From the very beginning Melissa Marchese has a sledgehammer and by the end of the video she's using it to just smash everything around her.  This is symbolism of how we can't control some of what is happening around us, so we will create our own chaos and destruction as well.

Through all of these apocalyptic warnings in both the lyrics and the video, there comes a line that strikes me not only as being poignant in this song but in life in general and it says: "No matter where you jump from, you're going down".  This line just makes everything feel so final, so absolute and I think we need to realize that as well, perhaps while listening to this song.


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