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A Permanent Shadow "Radical Change"

Music Review //
Lumiere Tales

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Cop Funeral
(Already Dead Tapes)

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The Illiterates
(Poop Stick Records)

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German Army
"Year of Solitude"
(Castle Bravo)

Interview # 219 ::: Step Stool Sarah

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Cassette Review //
"Get Your Ducks in a Row With Facenag"

Live Wrestling Review //
ICW New York
No Holds Barred Vol 1
@ White Eagle, Jersey City, NJ

Live Pro Wrestling Review //
Beyond Wrestling
"Heavy Lies The Crown"
@ White Eagle, Worcester MA

Live Wrestling Review //
Synergy Wrestling
"Warhorse's Big Bad Bitchin' Christmas Party"
@ Polish Falcons Club, Hillsborough, New Jersey