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The Paper Sea
"Shadow Falls (Tyler Stone Remix)"

Back in May of this year, The Paper Sea released the full length album "Shadow Falls".   This album explored several different sounds with instrumental music but song after song never failed to hold my attention.   But what really caught my attention and kept it through the album is that it not only has a story for each song but overall "Shadow Falls" just paints such a great story that many artists fail to capture in this modern age of music.

Now, with a remix of the titular track by Tyler Stone, The Paper Sea bringing "Shadow Falls" to vinyl both speaks about the importance of the format of music and the album itself.   Vinyl records have become seemingly more difficult to produce since the pandemic and so if you have the means and a digital album makes it to vinyl you know it must be special.  But as "Shadows Falls" tells stories, it also feels like vinyl is such an essential way of listening to it.  

With that blaring horn sound, there are steady beats which feel more like the cymbal side of percussion as the Tyler Stone remix of "Shadow Falls" just seems to blast out into space as well.  There is something just very chill about this song, whether that makes you feel like you're floating through space or just on a Sunday drive is up to you but it just has that overall feeling of all being right with the world.

Whether or not you listened to "Shadow Falls" back when it came out, this remix by Tyler Stone can help light the way for you to find the album.  Once the album is found, you should not hesitate upon purchasing the physical copy of the record if you have the means to play it.  This is a journey which every music listener should take and this is exactly where you should start.  

"Shadows Fall" releases as a physical record on Friday, November 11th, 2022.  Ordering info and other details can be found here


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