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Chantal Preston
"Girls Can Be Toxic"

Listening to "Girls Can Be Toxic" for the lyrics makes me think that it isn't so much just about women being toxic but friends in general.  In that sense, it just feels like everyone can be toxic.  If you're hanging out with a group of guys they can also be toxic.  So I know this song has that idea that "Girls Can Be Toxic" too, but it's really about toxic friends.

The music feels like something out of "1989" era Taylor Swift, though it kicks into the chorus with big beats and some rage.  It's a good anthem to get you going if you feel wronged by another person, perhaps one that isn't in a relationship with you but rather is more of a friend.  This song is a reminder that our friends aren't always looking out for our best intentions.

As the lyrics discuss different reasons why girls can be toxic, one of the lines is: "Girls can give bad advice / Lead you down the wrong path".  I get how this is supposed to be specifically about your crew of girls as a woman but those lyrics can also just as easily apply to someone who is trying to give you financial advice.  Make some bad investments, lose some money, you know.  I think this just feels universal but is aimed at one specific type of listener.

There are definite elements within this song that could have it on modern pop radio.  But I also just feel like this song is very specific as to who it is about, but yet it can be attributed to almost anyone.  I'm not sure men are going to be as interested in this song as women but that's okay.  Rather than seeing this as pitting women against each other, hopefully it can also be taken as a reminder for women to help lift each other up and in a grander way for all of us to help each other out.


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